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Zenit Group | 02 Oct 2019

Hard Cast Iron guarantees long life to Chopper impellers

zenit hard cast iron chopper impeller

The Zenit Group is introducing new Hard Cast Iron impellers for Uniqa Chopper pumps.
Shredder pumps are commonly used in particularly heavy-duty applications and are therefore subject to high levels of wear, which tend to reduce the life of the most exposed hydraulic components significantly.
Our daily contacts with technicians and operators have allowed us to gain a more detailed understanding of this problem, which is especially relevant in domestic wastewater treatment plants and industrial wastewater disposal plants applied to paper mills, cement works, marble factories and the like.
Tests carried out on the prototypes developed by our R&D technicians indicated that neither spheroidal graphite iron nor surface treatment processes could guarantee a significant increase in resistance to wear.
The identified solution consisted in the use of Hard Cast Iron, consisting mainly of iron and chromium. This high-performance material is used to cast the main hydraulic components and achieves a hardness level of between 450 and 500 HB.
In particular, the Uniqa Chopper machines are also equipped with a sturdy knife made of AISI 431. This excellent stainless steel with a high carbon content and a hardness of up to 300 HB can cut any foreign bodies present in the wastewater, preventing pump blockage and system clogging.
Many are the benefits achieved by applying Hard Cast Iron to Chopper hydraulics, including longer life and reliability of machines, lower incidence of maintenance costs, less system downtime and a significant reduction in the purchase of spare parts.
Find out more about Hard Cast Iron and Uniqa Chopper electric pumps.

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