ZM high-efficiency mixing systems

Zenit ZMD and ZMR series mixers can be used in equalisation, denitrification and homogenisation processes in industrial and civil plants.

Submerged mixers are the most practical, efficient solution for mixing liquids in water treatment and purification plants. Suitably installed in tanks, these devices apply a force varying depending on the propeller diameter, shape and rotation speed to the liquid in which they are immersed, and keep the mass of fluid in motion to boost homogenisation and prevent sediment formation.

They can be adopted in single or multiple installations, or in combination with bottom aeration systems, depending on the process in which they are used. Their efficiency class IE3 motors, already applied on the Zenit UNIQA range of submersible pumps, keep running costs down, with low energy use and limited maintenance.

Their complete compatibility and vast assortment of accessories allow them to be installed in any point of the tank, both for optimal mixing and for use as replacements for obsolete devices in existing systems.


Zenit ZMD mixers



  • Direct transmission

Product range characteristics

  • P2
    1.1 ÷ 4 kW 
  • Poles
    4 ÷ 8
  • Motor rotation speed
    1450 ÷ 750 rpm
  • Propeller Ø
    200 ÷ 450 mm
  • Thrust
    150 ÷ 950 N
  • Propeller rotation speed
    1450 ÷ 750 rpm
Zenit ZMR mixers



  • Reduction gears

Product range characteristics

  • P2
    4 ÷ 18.5 kW 
  • Poles
  • Motor rotation speed
    1450 rpm
  • Propeller Ø
    650 ÷ 900 mm
  • Thrust
    1025 ÷ 4500 N
  • Propeller rotation speed
    202 ÷ 304 rpm


To guarantee top mixer performance, ZENIT has developed a wide range of accessories for adjusting devices' positions in the tank and lifting and removing them without having to drain the system. Designed for easy installation and generously sized to guarantee durability, accessories are available in galvanised or stainless steel.

Bottom installation (A)
Permanent installation, with the mixer connected to a base anchored to the bottom of the tank. A special adjustment plate allows the mixer's horizontal and vertical position to be set as specifically required by the system.

Jutting installation (B)
Mobile installation in which the mixer can be both installed and removed with the tank full. The mixer is suspended from a suspension pipe and fixed to a mounting bracket; it can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

Guide post installation
The most widely used installation mode, suitable for mixers of any shape and size. The mixer, fitted with a runner which is also compatible with existing installations, slides along a square post and can be removed with no need to drain the tank, thanks to rugged lifting jib cranes. The mixer can be horizontally adjusted for the best possible position, while vertical adjustment is possible with the aid of special optional runners.


cable gland Zenit mixers ZM Series

Innovative cable gland system with cable holder. The universal thread ring-nut can be removed to fix a rigid or flexible duct to the cable gland to protect the cable from physical and mechanical stresses.

bearings Zenit mixers ZM Series
Ball bearings with lifetime lubrication designed to guarantee 100,000 working hours. Temperature sensor on request.
reduction gerabox Zenit mixers ZM Series

Rugged planetary reduction gearbox which provides high reduction ratios and torque transfer and withstands heavy radial loads, with compact size and light weight.

monitoring Zenit mixers ZM Series

Water sensor detecting seepage into the mechanical seal oil chamber and temperature sensor to prevent damage
to the motor in the event of overheating. Other monitoring options available.

propeller Zenit mixers ZM Series

High hydraulic efficiency propeller in AISI 316 stainless steel. The self-cleaning profile guarantees constant high performances and low maintenance.

mechanical seals Zenit mixers ZM Series

Two silicon carbide (SiC) mechanical seals in large, inspectable oil chamber.

motor Zenit mixers ZM Series

Premium IE3 class cold-running motor for high efficiency and minimal energy use. Isolation class H (180°C).

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Motor complex EN-GJL 250 grey cast iron
Propeller AISI 316 stainless steel
Shaft AISI 431 stainless steel
Mechanical seals 2 silicon carbide (SiC) in oil chamber
Nuts and bolts A2-70 Stainless Steel
Gaskets NBR
Hook AISI 304 stainless steel
Runner AISI 304 stainless steel
Paintwork Bicomponent epoxy paint 200 μm
Max. ambient temperature 40°C
Max. immersion depth 20 m
pH of treated liquid 6-12
Max. starts/hour 15 (evenly distributed)
Max. acoustic pressure 70 dB
Duty S1 – continuous operation
Density of treated liquid 1060 Kg/m³
Max. dynamic viscosity 500 mPas


Zenit domestic and civil electromechanical and electronic control panels

Standard electronic

zenit full service electronic control panels

Full service electronic

zenit standard electromechanical control panels

Standard electromechanical

zenit full service electromechanical control panels

Full service electromechanical

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Mixing system

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Product overview



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