Zenit miniBOX Series lifting station

miniBOX lifting stations

miniBOX is suitable for collection and lifting of domestic black water and grey water from toilets, bidets, washing machines or dishwashers.

Kit anti allagamento Flood pump kit Zenit

Flood Pump Kit, anti flooding kit

A quick and easy solution for defending a property from flooding.

Zenit nanoBOX Series lifting stations

nanoBOX lifting stations

High quality polyethylene tank intended for collecting water exclusively from domestic drains.

Zenit blueBOX Series lifting stations

blueBOX lifting stations

Stations suitable for collecting and lifting clear, rain and wastewater from washing machines, sinks and WCs in systems installed at a lower level than the sewer, in locations such as garages or basements.

Zenit blueBOX 400s Series lifting stations

BlueBOX 400evo lifting stations

The blueBOX 400evo is a high quality polyethylene tank, versatile and easy to install.

Zenit BOXPRO Series lifting stations

BoxPRO lifting stations

Rugged medium density polyethylene pumping stations, for use in large capacity residential and civil applications.

Zenit sphereBOX Series lifting stations

sphereBOX lifting stations

The sphereBOX lifting station incorporates various modular components allowing a custom composition which adapts to the needs of users.

Zenit vertiBOX Series lifting stations

vertiBOX lifting stations

vertiBOX lifting stations can be used in a wide range of situations thanks to their modular structure, which allows the installation to be optimised for the specific usage.

Zenit Group prefabricated lifting stations are an effective solution for collecting and pumping wastewater to the sewer system, when a gravity feed is not available. They are mainly used in rural or hilly areas with low population density, without an extensive municipal sewer system.
The Zenit Group offers a full range of
lifting stations for any kind of application, from small domestic installations (NanoBOX and BlueBOX) to more complex systems for civil installations (BOX PRO).

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