pumpBox lifting stations

pumpBOX is a pre-assembled lifting station certified in accordance with EN 12050-1 and 12050-2 standards for collecting and pumping waste water from toilets, washrooms or kitchens into the sewer system when a gravity feed is not available or distances are too great.

Reaching the sewerage system that's too far away or at a higher level?
With pumpBOX this is possible.

pumpBOX combines a robust polyethylene tank with a single or dual Zenit pump, resulting in a complete system for collecting and lifting municipality sewage and grey water.

Compact, quiet and reliable, pumpBOX is ready to use and does not require excavation or masonry work.

The different configurations with one or two pumps, vortex or grinder type, give the pumpBOX a high degree of versatility and allow it to be used in a wide range of situations, from individual houses to residential complexes, from public buildings to shopping centres.


Automatic start/stop device

The pump is started and stopped by an automatic device that detects the liquid level in the tank. The system can use a pressure sensor to be connected to a control panel or an innovative multiple-contact float. In both cases, the device is housed inside the tank and can be removed through a large Ø 90 mm inspection window by unscrewing the locking ring nut of the watertight cover.



lifting station Zenit pumpBOX GR

pumpBOX GR


  • Pump with grinding knife

  • Civil dwellings and residential buildings
  • Soiled waste water containing fibres and filaments

Product range characteristics

  • Capacity [l]
  • Number of pumps
  • V/~ (50Hz)
    230/1 - 400/3
  • P2(kW)/Poles
  • Current
    3.2 ÷ 7.5
  • Free flow
  • Delivery
    DN 40
  • Inlet
    DN 75/110
  • Weight [kg]
    59 ÷ 88
lifting station Zenit pumpBOX DG

pumpBOX DG


  • Pump with vortex impeller

  • Catering establishments and accommodation
  • Soiled waste water with solids

Product range characteristics

  • Capacity [l]
  • Number of pumps
  • V/~ (50Hz)
    230/1 - 400/3
  • P2(kW)/Poles
    1.1÷3 / 2 - 1.5÷2.2 / 4
  • Current
    2.4 ÷ 9.3
  • Free flow
  • Delivery
    DN 80
  • Inlet
    DN 75/110
  • Weight [kg]
    57.9 ÷ 126.9


01 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX thick polyethylene tank,

Thick polyethylene tank, tight to odours and liquids. Strong one-piece construction with internal reinforcement feet and floor fastening slots integrated into the casing.

02 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX shaped bottom

Internally shaped bottom to facilitate the suction of solids and reduce the accumulation of sediment that can generate bad odours and reduce the useful volume of the tank.

03 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX emergency emptying valve

Emergency emptying valve in lowered position (ready for connection to optional hand pump).

044 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX check valve

PVC discharge unions and check valves (GR models).
Cast iron double check valve with UNI flange (DG models).

042 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX GRbluePRO

GR bluePRO pumps
Pumps with high head grinder impeller suitable for soiled waste water containing fibres and filaments.
Single-phase version supplied with ammeter protection and circuit breaker to ensure high starting torque and effective cutting action even during start-up.
Rotary knife, with three blades made of specially treated chrome steel for greater reliability when cutting solids.

043 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX DG grey
DGG pumps
Vortex impeller pumps with full free passage suitable for use with soiled waste water with solids.
Free passage, the recessed vortex impeller and the internal shape of the tank ensure a wide free passage and smooth operation even in the presence of large solids.
05 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX Air venting system

Air venting system with activated carbon filter and ready for connection to external pipework DN40. 
The safety valve with float ensures a tight closure of the pipeline if the level rises and prevents possible liquid spillage. 

06 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX stainless steel float switch

Maximum level alarm via stainless steel float switch.

07 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX start stop device
Pump start/stop device via pressure sensor or multiple contact float switch.
The system can use a pressure sensor to be connected to a control panel or an innovative multiple-contact float.
08 lifting station Zenit pumpBOX inlet pipework

Prepared for inlet pipework from above or from side and rear walls (standard height: h 180, 250, 315 mm for direct connection to the WC). Gaskets Ø 75-110 mm, included.

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lifting station Zenit pumpBOX operating ranges
PE tank, EN 12050-1, 12050-2 certified
Rated volume 75 litres (GR version) or 115 litres (DG version)
White colour for immediate verification of liquid level inside
Strong one-piece construction with internal reinforcement feet
Low-noise version (<70 dB), sealed against liquids and odours
Large Ø 90 mm inspection window on top wall
GR version (grinder pump) or DG version (vortex pump)
Single or dual pump version
Maintenance-free PVC fittings and check valves (GR version)
Double check valve in UNI flanged cast iron (DG version)
Float for maximum level alarm as standard
Automatic pump start/stop system via float or level sensor
pumpBOX GR dimensions
pumpBOX DG dimensions


Zenit domestic and civil electromechanical and electronic control panels

Standard electronic

zenit full service electronic control panels

Full service electronic

zenit standard electromechanical control panels

Standard electromechanical

zenit full service electromechanical control panels

Full service electromechanical

Zenit self powered alarm panel


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blueBOX series
User Manual

blueBOX series



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