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Welcome to the section of our site open to all those who may be interested in making an active contribution to our Group’s operations. Zenit has a multinational profile and offers many career and professional growth opportunities.

Alongside research and development, Zenit views professional skills as crucial for the expansion of its business. In Zenit’s view, investing in manpower and training means investing in its corporate future. This is why it offers staff the possibility to achieve professional growth and express their potential to the full, sometimes even creating new specialisations in line with new projects. Its internal system is youthful and dynamic: employees have an average age between 30 and 35 years of age and are highly educated. Personnel recruitment processes focus constantly on identifying highly motivated, ambitious candidates who want to grow with the company.

Keeping ahead of the times is fundamental as the Zenit Group deals with ever-increasing complexity, and it needs to maintain high in-house levels of culture and know-how with regard to both technology and organisation, with a constant focus on employees' professional growth. From this point of view, human resources are a strategic resource on which ongoing investments are a must. The Zenit Group is looking for recent graduates wishing to achieve professional growth in a stimulating technological context and also experts with excellent professional backgrounds eager to enrich their skill sets. Recruitment procedures include the examination of CVs, individual and group interviews, trainee and apprenticeship periods, degree dissertation projects undertaken within the company, job placement contacts, framework agreements with university Faculties and partnerships with Vocational Training Agencies.

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