Zenit's history began sixty years ago in a small engineering workshop in Modena and is now being shaped daily by hundreds of people worldwide.
  • 1959

    Zenit is founded in the late '50s by Ugo Zeni, to build and repair electric motors and hydraulic pumps. It is based in Modena. It serves the Italian market.

    Zenit Group history 1950 first headquarters
    Zenit's first location.
  • 1977

    In 1977 the company reins pass into the hands of the founder's daughter, Adriana, and her husband, Italo Bottan. The range of products Zenit designs and builds is extended: centrifugal, self-priming, volumetric, submerged, submersible and surface electric pumps. The core market continues to be Italy.

    Zenit Group history 1977
    Ugo Zeni and the Zenit range of electric pumps during the Fiera del Levante exhibition in Bari.
  • 1985

    The company focuses its production efforts on submersible pumps for heavily soiled wastewater.

    Zenit Group history electric submersible pumps 1985
    Zenit manufactures its first submersible electric pumps.
  • 1990

    1990 sees the start of Zenit's expansion on to export markets in Europe, Asia and South America. That same year Davide Bottan, the owners' eldest son, joins the firm.

    Zenit Group history electric submersible pumps 1990
    Davide Bottan joins Zenit
  • 1990-1996

    Zenit triples its turnover and in 1995 is awarded UNI-EN-ISO 9001 certification. In 1996 the company moves to the new plant at San Cesario, 10,000 m2 in area. Lorenzo Bottan, Davide's brother, joins the company.

    Zenit Group history electric submersible pumps 1994
    Lorenzo Bottan, Davide's brother, joins the company.
  • 1998-2002

    During these years the company expands onto new markets and extends its wastewater treatment range with mixers, aerators and oxygenators.

    Zenit Group history electric submersible pumps 2002
  • 2003-2004

    Zenit is granted UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2000 company certification and ATEX product certification In 2006 it opens a new Regional Office in Singapore and in 2007 it inaugurates the new production and sales location in China, on a site of 16,500 sq.m., with buildings currently occupying 8,000 sq.m.

    Zenit Group history electric submersible pumps 2008
    The new manufacturing and sales facility opened in China
  • 2006-2008

    Zenit enlarges its San Cesario plant to a total of 19,000 m2, and starts to construct one of Europe's most complete test tanks.

    Zenit Group history 2006
    The new test tank at the Zenit plant at S. Cesario (Modena, Italy)
  • 2009

    The new EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Regional Office in Luxembourg starts operations: buildings of 3,000 m2 on a site of 5,000.

    Zenit Group history 2009
    The new EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Regional Office in Luxembourg
  • 2012

    Zenit launches the new high-efficiency range of UNIQA® electric submersible pumps with class IE3 motors. A clear signal of Zenit's commitment to cutting CO2 emissions and energy saving.

    Zenit Group history electric submersible pumps 2012
    The new UNIQA® range of high-efficiency electric submersible pumps with class IE3 motors.
  • 2018

    Eleven years after setting up the first site in Suzhou, the second production and sales location in Chengdu, China, starts operations.

    Zenit Group history 2019
    The second production and sales location in Chengdu, China.
  • 2018

    The Grey series is the latest family of submersible electric pumps by Zenit Group and represents the natural continuation of the developmental journey that the Group embarked upon with Uniqa electric pumps.

    zenit groups history grey series 2018
    The Grey series has been presented in IFAT 2018.
  • 2018

    Essential components of water treatment and purification plants, the new Zenit mixers share the stylish
    looks, reliability and new-concept high-efficiency motors of the UNIQA range.

    storia gruppo zenit serie mixer ZM 2018
    Zenit Mixer ZM and ZMD
  • 2019

    New Chopper Series, the ultimate solution to clogging problems of pumps and pipes in solid waste sewage lifting plants.

    storia gruppo zenit serie Uniqa Chopper 2019
    Uniqa Chopper
  • Today

    Today Zenit is a major international player, leader in the wastewater treatment sector, with a range of high-performance electric submersible pumps and other products.

    Zenit Group history electric submersible pumps today

Our Products

Electric submersible pumps

Wide range submersible electric pumps, comprising models with channel and Vortex impellers, or with grinding system, for pumping of clear or soiled wastewaters or aggressive and abrasive liquids. Zenit submersible electric pumps are used in domestic, civil and industrial applications.

Lifting stations

Prefabricated lifting stations, an effective solution for collecting and pumping wastewater to the sewer system, when a gravity feed is not available. They are mainly used in rural or hilly areas with low population density, without an extensive municipal sewer system.

Aeration Systems

A line of aeration products for the highly specialised civil and industrial wastewater treatment sector. The Zenit Group range comprises 9" and 12" disc-shaped air diffusers, 2" tubular air diffusers and Venturi-type submerged aerators.

Mixing Systems

Mixers and flow-makers are mainly used in equalisation, homogenisation and denitrification processes, for phosphate extraction and where liquids have to be mixed or stirred to reduce sedimentation.


A large assortment of hydraulic accessories is available for each submersible electric pump: base plates, couplers and check, gate and flushing valves. A full range of control panels and accessories for monitoring and control of the pumps installed.

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