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Domestic/residential lifting stations

NanoBOX and blueBOX fabricated lifting stations are an effective solution for collecting and pumping wastewater to the sewer system, when a gravity feed is not available.
They are mainly used in rural or hilly areas with low population density, without an extensive municipal sewer system.
Given their many advantages, lifting stations are today the best choice for a low cost, safe and eco-compatible solution.

A problem and its solution

Polyethylene lifting stations are suitable for any type of installation. Whether surface or underground, outdoors or indoors, they install quickly and easily with minimal construction work.

Weight does matter

Lifting stations made from a lightweight, highly resistant material like polyethylene have a lower shipping cost and are easier to handle and install, while sacrificing nothing in terms of reliability.

Reduce costs

Compared with conventional concrete tanks, prefabricated tanks do not require maintenance and are more resistant to the chemical and mechanical stress induced by black water, as well as being advantageously priced.

Power consumption, but only when needed

Designed for rational, optimised electricity consumption, thanks to the use of pumps rated to match tank capacity, with automatic float switch control of all start/stop functions.

Choose your solution

Zenit miniBOX Series lifting station


miniBOX makes it possible to create a bathroom in any part of a house, even if it is a great distance from the soil stack or below the invert level of the drain.

miniBOX is able to grind all waste and pump it through normal diameter pipes to the soil stack.

It is composed of a PE tank with a GR steel pump with grinder inside it, and can be installed directly behind the toilet, for significant space savings. The cable with plug can be connected to a normal power socket, meaning an electrician is not required for the installation.

Kit anti allagamento Flood pump kit Zenit

Flood Pump kit

The Zenit Flood pump kit comprises a DR steel 25 pump, a sturdy long hose which is supplied in an easy carry case. The flexible hose has a quick connection for fast deployment in an emergency.

All material are corrosion resistant. The pre-assembled float switch automatically stops the pump and is ready to use by connecting the hose.

Zenit nanoBOX Series lifting stations


The nanoBOX is a high quality polyethylene tank intended for collecting water exclusively from domestic drains, including washing machines, showers and sinks [not suited for WCs].
The tank has a 33 L maximum capacity and is supplied with a Zenit Steel series submersible pump already installed.

Thanks to their construction and small footprint, NanoBOX polyethylene tanks are very versatile and easy to install.

Zenit blueBOX Series lifting stations


The blueBOX range of high quality polyethylene tanks are extremely versatile and easy to install. They are suitable for collecting clear, rain and wastewater from washing machines, sinks and WCs in systems installed at a lower level than the sewer, in locations such as garages or basements. The entire range use blue or bluePRO Series pumps, and are styled to match them.

The 60, 90, 150 and 250 models, suitable for domestic and small residential installations, are equipped to house one electric pump. The blueBOX 400 model, intended for civil plants, can be equipped with two electric pumps for complete reliability.

blueBOX lifting stations can be installed on-floor or in-floor. They are prefitted for use with Zenit blue and bluePRO series pumps with vortex impeller [DRAGA] or with grinding system [GRINDER], which must be ordered separately depending on the requirements. Specifically, the blueBOX 60 can also be used with multichannel open impeller (DRENO) or high head (ALTA PREVALENZA) pumps for higher heads when pumping clear or washbasin wastewaters.
The large number of intake and outlet pipeline fittings allow optimal installation even on existing plants.

The many hydraulic and electric accessories make blueBOX lifting stations convenient to install and use. All models are suitable for direct installation thanks to the bottom shaped to hold the pump in position without the aid of additional accessories.

Convenient installation with a bottom coupler is also an option for the blueBOX250 and blueBOX400 models. A ball check valve and/or a gate valve can be connected to the end of the discharge pipe.