Zenit hydraulic accessories couplers


Couplers for electric submersible pumps

Zenit hydraulic accessories base plates

Base plates

Base plates for electric submersible pumps allow the pump to be positioned in the tank quickly and ensure a high level of stability thanks to the large contact surface.

Zenit hydraulic accessories FLX flushing valve

Flushing valve

The FLX flushing valve produces jet of water whenever the pump is restarted thus preventing sediment from collecting on the bottom of the tank.

Zenit hydraulic accessories check and gate valves

Check valves and gate valves

Check valves and gate valves for flow regulation.

Zenit hydraulic accessories KCR bend unions

Bend unions

Discharge bends for tight-radius 90° changes in direction.

Zenit electric accessories float switches

Float switches

Zenit float switches are specifically designed for precise calibration of switching levels.

control panel mix 360x360

Control panels

Electronic and electromechanical control panels

A large assortment of hydraulic accessories is available for each submersible electric pump. Our product range is able to provide base plates, couplers and check, gate and flushing valves.

A wide range of control panels and accessories for monitoring and control of the pumps installed.

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