Zenit Oxyplate aerator systems

Oxyplate air diffusers

9"-12" Disc-shaped air diffusers

Zenit Oxytube aerator systems

Oxytube air diffusers

500-750-1000 Tubular air diffusers

Zenit Oxyinox aerator systems

Oxyinox air diffusers

L305 - L610 Large bubble tubular diffusers

Zenit Oxy System submerged aerator systems

Jetoxy submerged aerators

Submerged aerators for treatment plants, oxygenated sludge treatment and mixing.

A line of aeration products for the highly specialised civil and industrial wastewater treatment sector. The Zenit Group range comprises 9" and 12" disc-shaped air diffusers, 2" tubular air diffusers and Venturi-type submerged aerators.

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