Flow-maker PR mixing systems

Zenit PR series flow-makers are built in cast iron with stainless steel propeller. The propellers, of self-cleaning design, are up to 2100 mm in diameter. The electric motors are rated from 0.8 to 5.5 kW with 4 or 6 poles; units have planetary reduction gear.

The large propeller rotating at low rpm allows a large mass of water to be kept in motion at low speed.

PR series flow-makers are mainly used in oxidation and denitrification tanks and in all installations where the formation of sediment on the bottom of the tank has to be prevented.


Zenit PR Series flow makers



Product range characteristics


PR series flow-makers can be supplied with a full range of installation accessories, which allow mounting and simplify maintenance in tanks of all kinds, as well as ensuring that the mixer is correctly positioned in the tank thanks to the various adjustments possible.

The flow-makers is supplied as standard with a runner and hoisting hook. All structural work can be supplied in hot-galvanised iron or stainless steel. All lifting systems are built with a rugged structure to guarantee efficiency and durability.

An additional advantage comes from full dismantlability into individual pieces, allowing the system to be assembled even without lifting equipment. Thanks to a special connection on the top, all Zenit posts allow the lifting system to be removed for use on more than one installation.


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Product overview

Product overview



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