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Zenit Pumps Suzhou

Suzhou Production Unit

The production side manufactures submersible electric pumps, lifting stations and water treatment equipments mainly, which adopts the same manufacturing stages as the italian plant and assures the same Zenit quality standards.

Production is flexibly organized for optimized lead times and workflow management. High-precision machine tools applied and semiautomatic lines compliance with the manufacturer's specifications. Large storage capacity could meet market's demands quickly.

Research & Development

The close cooperation between China and Italy ensure high quality standards in choosing advanced materials, which accord with the Chinese market.
Strict hydraulic tests and electrical analyses in the various conditions could optimize temperatures and consumption.


All products are manufactured under strict checks before and during assembly like the way used at headquarter.
The certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 confirms these standards.

49 Pingsheng Road
Suzhou Industrial Park,
215127 Jiangsu, P.R.C.
Zenit Group

Zenit Pumps Chengdu

Chengdu Production Unit

Zenit Pumps Chengdu Co., Ltd (abbr. ZPC) serves as the major role of production. Starting off with the glass reinforced plastic prefabricated pumping stations and stainless steel grease separators manufacturing mainly at the initial stage, the pumps and the lifting stations will be realized on schedule progressively as well.

With the solid industrial base and mature supply chain possessed, ZPC will offer the powerful assistance to the productivity.

No. 2119 Konggang 4th Road
SW Airport Economic Development Zone
Shuangliu County - Chengdu
610200 Sichuan, P.R.C.

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