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Zenit manufacturing plant China

China Production Unit

The production side is currently organised to manufacture domestic category products. The process adopts the same manufacturing and control stages as the Italian plant and assures the same Zenit quality standards.

Production is flexibly organised for optimised lead times and workflow management. Automatic, high-precision machine tools ensure high output volumes and constant availability of products from stock.
Assembly is on semiautomatic lines like those in Italy, with a large number of electrical and pressure tests in tandem with the assembly stages to guarantee quality and compliance with the manufacturer's specifications.
State-of-the-art painting with modern equipment applies a thick, even coat of environment-friendly paint to give products the protection they need over time To conclude the production cycle, the finishing line completes the electric pump with packaging that will defend it even from very rough handling.

A large indoor store contains a vast assortment of products, always ready for a fast response to the market's demands. The production office coordinates manufacturing operations with the company's other departments.

Research & Development

The close cooperation between China and Italy and the Suzhou engineers' skills ensure high quality standards in the choice of state-of-the-art materials and efficient motors, and meticulous design of parts.

Strict hydraulic tests in a testing tank and electrical system monitoring analyse behaviour in the various duty conditions with care, to optimise temperatures and consumption.


All Zenit products are manufactured using the same approach to deliver high quality, every time. Before and during assembly, quality is assured by strict checks by the procedures also used at the Italian location.

The award of ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification to the Suzhou plant confirms these standards.

Zenit China

26 Wupu Road, Shengpu district
Suzhou Industrial Park,
215126 Jiangsu, P.R.C.
VAT no.321 700 771 516 320
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