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Hydraulic accessories

A large assortment of hydraulic accessories is available for each submersible electric pump. Our product range is able to provide base plates, couplers and check, gate and flushing valves.

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Zenit hydraulic accessories couplers


Couplers allow the pump to be extracted and then quickly returned to the tank with no need to drain it, often an expensive operation involving lengthy plant stoppages.
Perfect mating between flange and coupler is ensured on all units in the Zenit range by a rubber gasket.


Zenit bottom couplers can have horizontal or vertical discharge in order to better adapt to the customer's needs. All couplers are designed to receive 2 guide pipes which can accompany the pump into its working position, preventing troublesome rotation.
What's more, a particular system simplifies pump release and reduces the mechanical stresses on the guide pipes, even after an extended period of time immersed in the wastewater.

Another special feature of the Zenit vertical couplers is that they are designed to keep the pump's intake port at the ideal height, with no need to create a step in the bottom of the tank.
They therefore provide a considerable savings in terms of time and the costs involved in the building of collection tanks as well as easy replacement in pre-existing plants.

Zenit hydraulic accessories base plates

Base plates

Base plates for electric submersible pumps allow the pump to be positioned in the tank quickly and ensure a high level of stability thanks to the large contact surface.

Zenit hydraulic accessories FLX flushing valve

Flushing valve

Sediments often form in lifting stations which collect the wastewater from drain systems. Over time, the solids are compacted and reduce the available volume to the tank, often leading to the pump fouling.
A specific procedure involving lengthy, expensive system shutdown, is therefore necessary to remove them.

The flushing valve FLX is a hydraulic accessory that automatically generates an adjustable-direction jet of water inside the pit whenever the pump is restarted thus preventing sediment from collecting on the bottom of the tank.

Zenit hydraulic accessories check and gate valves

Check valves and gate valves

Zenit check valves are designed for use even with soiled liquids and provide full guarantees of operation even under heavy-duty working conditions.
The sinking ball system ensures a full free passage since at maximum opening the valve has a completely free main line, greatly reducing pressure drops. The capability for installation in a horizontal or vertical position provides greater versatility and optimal assembly.

Clapet valves can be used for non-abrasive clear wastewaters. Zenit models have body and disc in GJL-250 cast iron and brass and EPDM rubber seat. The lever which operates the mechanism is in GJS 400 cast iron for maximum reliability. Compliance with international design regulations simplifies installation and ensures compatibility with any standard flange.

The knife gate valves, with handwheel control, have various functions and are used as cut-off devices to regulate the flow in a pipeline or to temporarily isolate a section of the plant.
The gate valves have GJL-250 cast iron body containing the mechanisms used to partially or totally block the flow.
This product is designed to allow fitting of a servomotor for remote partial or total opening/closing (no manual operation required).

Zenit gate valves are in GJL-250 cast iron with the gate travelling in a brass seat to ensure smooth operation over time, even after long periods without use. Flanges meet the UNI standards for perfect interchangeability.
They are mainly used in distribution and treatment plants for civil and industrial wastewater in general.

Zenit hydraulic accessories KCR bend unions

Bend unions

Discharge bends [KRC] are designed to be coupled to the pump's discharge port or inside plants, in both cases allowing a tight-radius 90° change in direction. They may be flange-flange or flange-thread type, with full free passage.
Another advantage is the tight radius of curvature, giving more compact size than any other accessories on the market.
Depending on models, they can be made of EN-GJL-250 cast iron, galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Zenit hydraulic accessories chains and flanges


Complete range of threaded and welded flanges with holes in EN 1092-1 standard positions for maximum compatibility.
Stainless steel chains for handling pumps and accessories.