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Air diffusers

The Zenit range includes disc-shaped membrane and tubular air diffusers. Both models are fitted with high-quality membranes with perforation ensuring high oxygen transfer with low pressure drop, minimising the relative energy consumption. Disc-shaped diffusers can be fitted with integral ball check valves.
Zenit is able to design the most efficient solution for the customer's specifications, and supply the complete aeration system, including detailed assembly plans.

Operating mode

During operation, the membrane inflates to open the tiny holes and allow the air to flow out in the form of fine bubbles. When the blower stops, the membrane deflates and the tiny holes close to prevent all risk of liquid inflow. What's more, the central part, free from holes and specially shaped, acts as a check valve.


Membrane air diffusers are generally used in water treatment and purification processes where slurries have to be aerated to activate biological organic matter oxidation and nitrification processes.
They are also used in pre-aeration and aeration processes in oxidation tanks and aerobic digestion plants for industrial and civil sludges.

Choose your solution

Zenit Oxyplate aerator systems


Disc-shaped diffusers having elastomer membrane with tiny holes for application in water treatment processes in reactors with continuous or intermittent aeration, especially recommended for high-efficiency permanent installations.

The quality, design and membrane hole size ensure unbeatable efficiency in terms of the ideal oxygen transfer-pressure drop balance.

Zenit Oxytube aerator systems


Oxytube tubular air diffusers are especially recommended for the construction of removable aeration systems and in all cases where a large output surface area is required with only a small number of air distribution pipelines.

Tubular air diffusers basically consist of a head with threaded connection, a rigid polypropylene mount and a tubular membrane in elastomer with tiny holes, secured with stainless steel band clamps.
Zenit Oxyinox aerator systems


Constructed in AISI 316 throughout, large bubble tubular air diffusers are used where the liquid has to be both mixed and oxygenated.
Its ideal applications are aerated sand separators, aerobic digestion tanks, pre-aeration tanks and in general any installation where the use of steel is necessary due to the nature of the liquid for treatment.