Zenit Pumps Group

Expertise and technology, to respond to the Customer's needs and the different sectors' specific demands.


Multisector know-how

Zenit is a company with international presence. We manage our customers' needs directly thanks to our territorial access to the world.
The current structure of Zenit Group is the result of entrepreneurial strategies and insights that have enabled its internationalisation.
The Group is composed of different units, which manufacture and distribute wastewater treatment products across the globe, each of them with its own organisation but all operating in pursuit of a shared goal.
Zenit Group domestic field of application menu

Domestic Applications ›

Range of electric pumps and lifting stations for even the most heavy-duty applications, made from durable material and built to suit any type of installation.
Zenit Group industrial field of application menu

Industrial applications ›

Advice on the sizing of equipments and assistance with installation to guarantee optimum results in the industrial processes.
Zenit Group civil field of application menu

Civil applications ›

A range of solutions both to meet stringent criteria and the requirements of design engineers and installers for the transfer of municipal wastewater.
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Treatment Applications ›

Wastewater treatment solutions and components for a complete treatment process, from initial lifting to surface transfer.
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Agricultural Applications ›

The liquids for transfer are often heavily soiled and dense, containing filaments which require chopping.