Zenit Steel Series electric submersible pumps

Steel Series electric submersible pumps

High-performance, compact stainless steel submersible pumps for optimal service in household installations and small civil plants.

Elettropompe sommergibili Zenit Serie blue

blue Series electric submersible pumps

Mainly for domestic and residential applications.

Zenit bluePRO Series electric submersible pumps

bluePRO Series electric submersible pumps

For use in applications requiring high performance or prolonged, heavy-duty operation in domestic and residential contexts.

Zenit E Series electric submersible pumps

E Series electric submersible pumps

Lightweight, reliable cast iron submersible pumps , available with multi-channel open and vortex impeller.

Zenit Uniqa Series electric submersible pumps

UNIQA Series electric submersible pumps

High-efficiency electric submersible pumps designed for heavy-duty in civil and industrial applications.

Zenit Uniqa Chopper Series electric submersible pumps

UNIQA Series chopper pumps

The ultimate solution to clogging problems of pumps and pipes in solid waste sewage lifting plants.

Zenit Grey Series electric submersible pumps

Grey Series electric Submersible Pumps

The Zenit Grey series is a new solution for pumping clear wastewaters and black waters in civil, residential and industrial applications.

Zenit E S Series electric submersible pumps

E-S Series electric submersible pumps

Ideal for installations in small lifting stations where compact size and excellent reliability are required.

Zenit O Series electric submersible pumps

O Series electric submersible pumps

Series with oil bath motor and robust cast iron structure, particularly reliable even in very tough operating conditions.

Zenit Special Alloy Series electric submersible pumps

SPECIAL ALLOY Series electric submersible pumps

Electric submersible pumps designed for heavy-duty applications with corrosive liquids and abrasives.

Kit anti allagamento Flood pump kit Zenit

Flood Pump Kit, anti flooding kit

A quick and easy solution for defending a property from flooding.

Zenit blueBOX Series lifting stations

blueBOX lifting stations

Stations suitable for collecting and lifting clear, rain and wastewater from washing machines, sinks and WCs in systems installed at a lower level than the sewer, in locations such as garages or basements.

lifting station Zenit pumpBOX DG

pumpBox lifting stations

pumpBOX, a complete system for the collection and lifting of black and grey water from domestic and residential sources.

Zenit liftBOX Series lifting stations

liftBox lifting stations

The liftBOX lifting stations are designed to collect rainwater, wastewater or sewage and transfer it to a higher level, delivering it to the sewage line or the treatment plant.

Zenit Oxyplate aerator systems

Oxyplate air diffusers

9"-12" Disc-shaped air diffusers

Zenit Oxytube aerator systems

Oxytube air diffusers

500-750-1000 Tubular air diffusers

Zenit Oxyinox aerator systems

Oxyinox air diffusers

L305 - L610 Large bubble tubular diffusers

Zenit Oxy System submerged aerator systems

Jetoxy submerged aerators

Submerged aerators for treatment plants, oxygenated sludge treatment and mixing.

Zenit ZM Series mixing systems

ZM high-efficiency mixing systems

Zenit ZMD and ZMR series mixers can be used in equalisation, denitrification and homogenisation processes in industrial and civil plants.

Zenit PR Series flow maker mixing systems

Flow-maker PR mixing systems

Cast iron Flow-maker PR mixers with stainless steel propellers are used in oxidation and denitrification tanks and to prevent sedimentation.

Zenit hydraulic accessories couplers


Couplers for electric submersible pumps

Zenit hydraulic accessories base plates

Base plates

Base plates for electric submersible pumps allow the pump to be positioned in the tank quickly and ensure a high level of stability thanks to the large contact surface.

Zenit hydraulic accessories FLX flushing valve

Flushing valve

The FLX flushing valve produces jet of water whenever the pump is restarted thus preventing sediment from collecting on the bottom of the tank.

Zenit hydraulic accessories check and gate valves

Check valves and gate valves

Check valves and gate valves for flow regulation.

Zenit hydraulic accessories KCR bend unions

Bend unions

Discharge bends for tight-radius 90° changes in direction.

Zenit electric accessories float switches

Float switches

Zenit float switches are specifically designed for precise calibration of switching levels.

control panel mix 360x360

Control panels

Electronic and electromechanical control panels

Zeno Pump Selector

Zeno Pump Selector

Select and configure the Zenit product that better suits your needs.

Zeno Spare Parts

Zeno Spare Parts

Select original Zenit spare parts via our online platform.


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