Flood Pump Kit, anti flooding kit

The Zenit Flood pump kit comprises a DR steel 25 pump, a sturdy long hose which is supplied in an easy carry case. The flexible hose has a quick connection for fast deployment in an emergency.

All material are corrosion resistant. The pre-assembled float switch automatically stops the pump and is ready to use by connecting the hose.


flood pump kit Zenit

Flood Pump Kit


  • DR steel 25 stainless steel multi-channel open impeller
  • Stainless steel suction strainer
  • Plastic box
  • Delivery Pipe
  • Connectors

  • Clear or slightly soiled wastewaters
  • Pumping-out flooded premises

Product range characteristics

  • Power supply
    220 V ~1
  • Frequency
    50 Hz
  • Power
    0.25 kW
  • Poles
  • Vertical discharge
    GAS 1¼"
  • Ampere
  • Free passage
    10 mm
  • Max flow rate
    124.8 l/min
  • Max head
    8.0 m


Zenit easy to transport flood pump kit
It requires limited space and can be easily carried with the 2 handles on each side, and the case allows to have everything easily accessible.
Zenit flood pump kit content
Flood pump kit content:
  1. Plastic box
  2. DR steel 25 submersible pump
  3. Delivery pipe
  4. Connectors
Zenit easy to connect flood pump kit
The Zenit flood pump kit is ready to use and there is no need for special tools.
Zenit strong plastic box flood pump kit
The plastic carry case can be stored on a shelf or as a strainer during operation.
Zenit Steel Series electric submersible pump strainer flood pump kit
The DR steel easily converts from an ordinary submersible pump to a dry floor unit. When operating in this mode, the suction level can be reduced to as little as 5 mm above the ground.

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Product overview

Product overview

Steel Series

Steel Series

Flood Pump Kit

Flood Pump Kit

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