Control panels

Zenit electronic and electromechanical control panels are suitable for the control of any single-phase or three-phase submersible pump, with direct or star/delta starting.

Rational wiring

All internal wiring layouts are designed to be clear and rational. The connection cables are identified with numbered labels for easy reference to the wiring diagram and to facilitate any work by technical personnel. In addition, meticulous assembly translates into a better-quality product with less risk of faults and malfunctions.


Control panels are made using the best components available, to guarantee excellent reliability and easy procurement of replacement parts. They undergo strict functional and quality checks before delivery.


Zenit electromechanical and electronic control panels are optimized for use with submersible pumps and the wide range of accessories make them versatile and reliable. Having just one contact for the supplying of control systems and machines translates into definite advantages in economic terms and with regard to intervention times.

Standard compliance

Every control panel is created in compliance with the current standards on electrical constructions. All control panels come with complete documentation, electric diagrams and CE declaration of conformity.


Zenit domestic and civil electromechanical and electronic control panels

Electronic standard

ZENIT electronic control panels designed to control 1, 2 or 3 single-phase pumps with power from 0.37 kW up to 2.2 kW or 1, 2 or 3 three-phase pumps with power from 0.55 kW up to 15 kW.
The exceptional operational versatility reduces the amount of stock required, since a single panel covers various powers. Designed for use with float switches or level sensors, they allow users to set alternating pump duty cycles and maximum or minimum level alarm output.

  • Ambient temperature -5/40°C
  • Relative humidity 50% at 40°C (non-condensing)
  • IP55 protection rating
  • Main disconnect switch with door lock
  • Transformer for auxiliary circuits
  • Provision for start-up capacitors (single phase version)
  • Motor and auxiliary circuit protection fuses
  • Adjustable motor current overload protection with reset function
  • “Power ON”, “Motor running” and “Thermal cut-out trip” LED indicator lights
  • Minimum or maximum level alarm output
  • Alternating relay (for multiple pumps)
zenit full service electronic control panels

Full service electronic control panels

ZENIT offers its customers a state-of-the-art management and control tool, for their pumping systems in addition to standard electronic control panel functions: a multilingual menu allows the users to select the operating mode best suited to requirements, optimising running and maintenance costs.
With the aid of an optional APP, users can monitor all system operation aspects at all times, receiving alarms of any kind and/or modifying operating modes remotely using their smartphone or tablet.

Technical characteristics

  • Display with operating data display and operating mode setting Four default operating modes
  • Self-learning of motor data
  • with the APP you can also
  • Manage the system on your smartphone or tablet
  • Start-up/shut down the pumps remotely
  • Receive all types of alarms and fault warnings
  • Modify the operating mode
  • Modify safety device trip thresholds
  • Simultaneously manage numerous different systems
zenit standard electromechanical control panels

Standard electromechanical control panels

ZENIT electromechanical control panels, designed to control 1, 2 or 3 single-phase, direct starting three-phase or Y/Delta starting three-phase pumps, are made using the best components available, to guarantee excellent reliability and easy procurement of replacement parts. The wealth of accessories available makes them very versatile, with high capabilities for customisation to the system's specific needs.

Technical characteristics

  • Ambient temperature -5/40°C
  • Relative humidity 50% at 40°C (non-condensing)
  • IP55 protection rating
  • Main disconnect switch with door lock
  • Motor AUTO-OFF-MANUAL switch
  • Transformer for auxiliary circuits
  • Motor and auxiliary circuit protection fuses
  • Thermal relays for overload protection with internally adjustable and resettable function
  • “Power ON”, “Motor running” and “Thermal cut-out trip” LED indicator lights
  • Customisable
zenit full service electromechanical control panels

Full service electromechanical control panels

For professional applications, as well as its standard electromechanical control panels, ZENIT also recommends special electromechanical control panels, including gradual machine start and stop with integrated soft-start devices, or variable speed motor operation with inverters, which allow regulation of the pump's duty point, optimising the system's energy performance in relation to actual requirements.

Technical characteristics

  • Gradual start
  • ​Torque control
  • Reduced mechanical stress on moving motor components
  • Low water hammer effect
  • Calibration, display of parameters and protection via internal multifunction display
  • Motor operation with variable speed control (inverter version)
Zenit self powered alarm panel


The Zenit self-powered alarm devices provide acoustic and/or acoustic/visual signalling of plant malfunctions such as power blackouts, allowing swift corrective action.

The internal buffer battery ensures lengthy autonomy.


Technical characteristics

  • Power supply 1~ 50/60Hz 230V +/- 10%;
  • Very low voltage input for alarm command from N.O. and N.C. clean contacts;
  • Green "Power On" LED;
  • Red "level alarm" LED;
  • Red "alarm siren off" LED;
  • Alarm siren 90 dB at 1 mt.;
  • Red electronic flashing light (only on model SLA1);
  • Acoustic alarm ON/OFF buttons;
  • Alarm reset button;
  • Battery charger and buffer battery for 24 hour power supply;
  • Internal "continuous/self-resetting alarm" selector switch;
  • Internal siren timer on/off switch;
  • Alarm siren timer setting device, 1-180";
  • ABS housing;
  • Output with cable holder;
  • IP55 protection rating.


Industrial Product Overview

Industrial Product Overview

Product overview

Product overview

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