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Zenit Group | 04 May 2018

Zenit steel series: practicality and reliability, in stainless steel

zenit steel domestic submersible pumps

Submersible electric pumps are being increasingly used in domestic applications and small residential systems: from simply lifting clear wastewater or for watering gardens, to the more problematical task of pumping heavily soiled wastewater, which may contain solids. In some cases, submersible electric pumps are crucial for preventing flooding of domestic basements.

The steel series combines the strength and light weight of steel with the quality of Zenit components, delivering a pump with performances well above the market average. The result is a high-performance, reliable range even suitable for use in professional contexts.
What's more, the versatile steel series can also be used within the Zenit Lifting Box range. From blueBOXes for collecting and pumping rainwater and wastewater to the nanoBOX tank for use with domestic wastewaters.

DR steel models, with multi-channel open impeller and powers from 0.25 to 0.75 kW, are intended for irrigation, pump-outs and the lifting of clear water in general. The generous free passage of 12 mm allows safe use even with small solids, making these units suitable for a wide range of applications.
One special feature is impeller clearance adjustment; just removing a spacer lowers the minimum intake level to only 5 mm above the ground, transforming the DR steel into a versatile dry floor pump in a few seconds.  

DG steel models, with vortex impeller from 0.37 to 0.75 kW, are intended for applications with heavily soiled wastewater and those with solids, thanks to the free passage of up to 40 mm.

With stainless steel structure and impeller, oil chamber mechanical seals and V-ring in direct contact, these units deliver reliable operation even in heavy-duty conditions, and allow optimal service in domestic use or for small civil installations.

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