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Zenit Group | 06 Sep 2016

Flow rate, pressure and head, a challenge for Uniqa

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At a residential complex in Florida (USA), we were asked to install a high-quality, competitively priced wastewater pumping station able to transfer about 400,000 litres a day of heavily soiled water containing fats, solids, paper and fabrics from a newly-built housing development. But the pumping conditions were the real challenge. The electric pumps would have to handle fast-changing flow rates from 400 to 2000 litres a minute, with highly variable heads (from 4.2 to 1.7 bar).

In partnership with Atlantic Environmental, we built a fibreglass pumping station 1.80 metres in diameter and 7.5 metres long, containing two 18.5 kW UNIQA Vortex electric pumps. Energy-efficient and versatile in dealing with the demanding duty conditions, the Uniqa pumps with vortex impeller met all technical specifications with flying colours and also complied with the tough local anti-explosion regulations.

The Uniqa electric pumps transferred the liquid at the flow and pressure required, effortlessly handling the solids it contained without stoppages or impeller fouling. With the low electricity and running costs ensured by their high efficiency, the customer's satisfaction was guaranteed.

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