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Zenit Group | 20 Oct 2017

Flood Pump Kit, anti-flooding emergency pump

zenit flood pump kit with steel

Recently, heavy precipitations, pouring down elevated quantities of rain, have become more frequent, and often cause water to spill from manholes and sewer holes. These events, together with the frequent blockage of storm drains, can cause the flooding of garages, courtyards, cellars and basements.

How to solve the flooding problem?

The simplest way to quickly empty flooded premises it to use a submersible electric pump. These pumps are easy to use and to handle; they can drain flooded premises in very little time, making them quickly accessible and avoiding the need to turn to expensive specialised companies.
In an emergency situation such as flooding, especially at home, it is important to choose a good quality product that can be used immediately. An electric pump in plastic is not advisable due to its limited reliability, which makes it prone to frequent damages; these can cause complications in such critical and hectic moments, and generally, more reliable models in stainless steel are preferred.

Flood Pump Kit, anti-flooding emergency pump

The anti-flooding kit is perfect for those who need a reliable solution, ready to use and easy to transport. The kit comprises a Zenit Steel series, DR version electric pump, with float switch, a flexible corrugated hose with rapid connection, and two adaptors.
The electric pumps of the Steel series are manufactured in stainless steel and the internal components are extremely reliable. A resistant and compact pump, easy to transport and quick to use in emergencies, which can work also when partly submersed thanks to its cooling system.
Besides being resistant, it’s best feature is the possibility to lower the water suction level up to 5 millimetres from the floor, which allows to empty the flooded premises completely. The kit comes in a practical box to make it easy to transport and to storage without losing the accessories necessary for its operation.

This Zenit solution is efficient not only in case of flooding, but also for the drainage and transfer of domestic clear or slightly soiled wastewaters.

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