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Zenit Group | 03 Nov 2016

New Molib-tech™ material

Zenit New Molibtech Hardening Process

Today's new concept of quality is driving firms to expand their offerings of products and services to meet specific needs and build solid partnerships with their customers. Through a complex research project, Zenit has developed Molib-tech™, a new material to:

  • increase components' strength
  • improve reliability
  • keep performance constant over time even in extreme duty conditions.
The Molib-tech™ coating technique is defined as "cold" coating, with no high temperatures to cause deformation or stresses in the piece, using molybdenum carbide. It is ideal for preventing serious wear due to erosion or cavitation on pump impellers, suction flanges and bodies.

Unlike the conventional ceramic coating, the uniform layer of metal coating, evenly applied by a mechanical process, does not cause any change in clearance or loss of performance. The molybdenum carbide coating leaves the component's surface much harder than cast iron (1000/1100 HV) and suitable for heavy-duty applications and abrasive liquids.

The benefits of Molib-Tech™:

  • Strength, better resistance to abrasion, erosion and fretting wear than other processes.
  • Tougher in relation to impacts and scratching than ceramic coating
  • Repeatability, automatic application provides repeatable, constant protective coating characteristics unachievable by hand;
  • Balancing, the uniform coating thickness means better impeller balancing, meaning a longer lifetime for rotating parts (mechanical seals, drive shaft and bearings).
  • Performance, unlike conventional surface treatments, with cold coating there is no peeling; what's more, the application of a uniform layer across the entire exposed surface maintains the original hydraulic performances for longer, also reducing wear of mating surfaces.

Down load the Molib-tech™ technical brochure

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