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Zenit Group | 04 May 2018

Lifting stations, the Zenit Group expands and improves its range

zenit lifting stations for domestic civil industrial clear and waste water

The Zenit Group extends the Lifting Box range by launching the new miniBOX, vertiBOX and sphereBOX series, which complete a modular line of lifting stations, available in different shapes and sizes. A range designed for collecting drainage water, rainwater, surface water and wastewater, suitable for all types of location (domestic, residential, civil or industrial).

miniBOX makes it possible to create a bathroom in any part of a house, even a long way from the soil stack or below the invert level of the drain. miniBOX is able to grind all waste and pump it through normal diameter pipes to the soil stack. It is ideal for collection and lifting of domestic black water and grey water from toilets, bidets, washing machines or dishwashers. It is composed of a PE tank with a GR steel pump with grinder inside it, and can be installed directly behind the toilet, for significant space savings. The cable with plug can be connected to a normal power socket, meaning an electrician is not required for the installation.
vertiBOX lifting stations can be used in a wide range of situations thanks to their modular structure, which allows every installation to be optimised. An effective telescopic system can double the height, increasing the capacity and/or adapting vertiBOX for any type of installation and use. Thanks to high capacity of up to 420 litres, these units are ideally suited for collecting and lifting clear wastewater and grey water in residential environments, rainwater from car parks or courtyards, and in small civil plant situations for transferring drainage water and seepage water. vertiBOX stations are equipped to house a DR steel 37 stainless-steel pump with channel impeller.
sphereBOX lifting stations are used for collecting and disposing of heavily soiled wastewater of civil origin, sewage and industrial wastewater. Like the other series, sphereBOX lifting stations incorporate various modular components allowing a custom composition suited to the user's needs. Modularity is ensured by two different riser types, which simplify installation even in existing systems, and the rugged adjustable-height hermetically sealed cover, available in walk-over or drive-over version.
sphereBOX units are available in three versions, of 600/900/1200 litres, in tough polyethylene with reinforcement ribs, and can be equipped with pumps with 2" discharge. Zenit recommends bluePRO and Grey series pumps with vortex impeller (DG bluePRO, DGG) or with grinding system (GR bluePRO, GRG) for optimal results.

As well as vertiBOX and sphereBOX, customers can choose from the wide range of Zenit Group lifting stations. From the Flood Pump Kit for anti-flood operations to nanoBOX and miniBOX for domestic solutions, through to blueBOX and boxPRO stations for civil and professional installations. On request, they are available with level control float switches and electronic control panels. All Zenit Lifting Box models are designed to house Zenit submersible electric pumps with various hydraulics and power levels. The standard range can be supplemented with custom versions depending on the specific use.

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