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Zenit Group | 24 Jan 2020

GRG shredding pumps

zenit grey grg shredding pumps focus

In civil and domestic sewage lifting systems, the nature of the wastewater often with a high content of solids and fibres makes the working conditions for the installed submersible pumps particularly critical.
Normal channel impeller configurations do not allow the effective disposal of solids present and vortex impellers are not suitable for filamentous material.
In this type of application, GRINDER submersible shredder pumps are the optimal choice, by combining compact dimensions with high reliability, even in the presence of highly loaded wastewater and filamentous material.
The Grey submersible electric pumps with Grinder shredder impeller have a fully redesigned shredding system with special grooves that direct solids and filaments towards the tips of the knife to promote an effective "scissor-like" action.
Want to learn more about the Grey Grinder series and how it can improve the operation of your system?

Download the GRG Shredder Pumps datasheet

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