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Zenit Group | 11 Nov 2020

Zenit puts the new shredding system for GRG pumps through its paces

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Zenit technicians ran a session of shredding tests in the company's in-house testing department to assess the behaviour of the new cutting device fitted on Grey Grinder GRG models.

Zenit engineers used an external tank with a capacity of over 11 m3 set up with special filters and shreddable solids of various different types and sizes to run functional tests on the GRG pumps to evaluate the effectiveness of the shredding device installed on these machines and the reliability of the materials used in its construction.

The fully redesigned system consists of a plate with sharp-edged holes and a three-blade rotary knife, the combined action of which allows an effective shredding of suspended solids and fibres present in the wastewater.

GRG shredder pumps secure high performance in the lifting of civil and domestic sewage from residential areas, hotels and sports facilities. They can also be used for moving process waters in textile, paper and canning industries or wastewater containing processing waste from tanneries, agricultural and food-processing industries.

How the system works

The knife, attached to the drive shaft and the impeller, rotates at 2900 rpm, skimming the shredder plate to cut the shreddable solid and filamentary material present in the liquid with an effective "scissor effect".
The special grooves on the steel bushing fitted on the hub facilitate the cutting of the filaments even near the drive shaft, where there is more chance that they can twist with the risk of obstruction.
Inside the hydraulic body, a special helical structure called ACS (Anti Clogging System) allows the ejection of suspended fragments so that they can be conveyed into even small diameter pipes with no risk of clogging.

Want to learn more about the Grey Grinder series and how it can improve the operation of your system?

Download the GRG Shredder Pumps datasheet

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