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Zenit Group | 19 Jul 2018

Zenit BOXPRO M, versatile, modular lifting stations

zenit stazioni di sollevamento boxpro m
The BOXPRO range comprises tough PE lifting stations with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 18,000 litres, for residential and civil use. These stations are specially shaped to resist the pressure to which they are subjected once installed. Their smooth inner walls prevent the formation of encrustations which can lead to a reduction in volume and be a cause of bad odours, as well as ensuring optimal, durable performance.
They are used mainly for collection and lifting of wastewater and sewage, including systems of significant size.
BOXPRO M is the smallest in the family, with a capacity of 1000 litres, but also the most versatile. Ideal for systems serving small groups of households.
In spite of its compact size the BOXPRO M, unlike other stations of its capacity, has all the space required to accommodate up to two DN80 pumps and the relative accessories.
This unique characteristic allows it to be used in particularly heavy-duty conditions, alternating operation of the pumps and ensuring that the lifting station continues to function even if one of the pumps breaks down.
In particularly difficult installations the large base helps to ensure stability, which can be further improved with the aid of anchor brackets mounted using the fitting provided.
Our long experience in the management of residential and civil wastewaters has taught us that very often it is best to install stations at a considerable depth underground. This is because other water pipes or wiring ducts can interfere with the station intake and outlet pipes, and in some cases, such as particularly cold climates, underground installation is necessary to prevent the pipes from freezing.
In this case, the BOXPRO M is available in a configuration with riser. This acts as an extension and allows the station to be installed at a greater depth, avoiding problems with other pipes, or frost.
The riser always has an 80 mm cover which can be opened for inspection, of walk-over or drive-over type depending on the user's requirements.
The entire BOXPRO line is available in thick polyethylene with better resistance to low temperatures. Various hydraulic accessories and level probes can be added to its basic configuration, as well as the control panel for the pumps it contains.
For optimal use of BOXPRO lifting stations, the Zenit Group recommends installation of Grey and UNIQA series submersible electric pumps with vortex impeller (DGG, ZUG-V) or grinding system (GRG, ZUG-GR).

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