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Zenit Group | 10 Oct 2018

Electric submersible pumps for domestic and residential applications

zenit group domestic pumps range

Clear and soiled water lifting systems are used for a wide array of purposes in homes and residential applications. These range from occasional or emergency situations, like quickly and effectively collecting or emptying water from wells or cisterns, swimming pools, ponds or flooded basements, to structural solutions, such as small pumping stations for disposing of soiled water, sewage, with or without sludge and suspended residues, and waste water from residential systems.

After heavy rains, it is sometimes necessary to empty a flooded area, such as understairs spaces, a garage or storage room; but at other times one needs to fill or empty a swimming pool, or convey wastewater or soiled water towards the sewage system.

The range of Zenit electric submersible pumps is wide and articulated and covers the many needs of the home and residential sector. For domestic installations, Zenit offers four Series ranging from simple models to solutions securing professional level performance, all of which are easy to install and equipped with efficient electric motors to reduce energy consumption.

Steel Series

This range of stainless-steel pumps is characterised by high performance and compact size. The pumps are created to guarantee optimal use in domestic and small residential installations.
They are ideal for draining small amounts of water or lifting waste water containing solid material up to 40 mm in size. The DR Steel version has a specific function for suction from ground to floor level, which is very useful for emptying a flooded basement or garage, for instance. This model may also be used for collecting and pumping clear domestic water in nanoBOX lifting stations.

Blue Series

The Blue Series is characterised by compact size and high reliability. Cast iron body, use of high-quality materials and IECEx certification make these pumps ideal for installations in potentially explosive atmospheres and ensure performance comparable to professional models. The Blue Series is ideal for draining and lifting waste water as a result of the wide free passage. High performance and perfect compatibility with blueBOX stations result in efficient domestic sewage lifting stations.

bluePRO Series

The bluePRO Series is ideal when high-performance or heavy-duty, prolonged use is required in homes and residential applications in general. The cast iron structure and double mechanical seal in oil chamber make bluePRO models rugged, reliable and ideal for even heavy-duty applications lifting strained or soiled waste water containing solids or filaments, in domestic installations or small residential plants. An IECEx-certified version is also available, which makes bluePRO electric pumps suitable for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres. The bluePRO Series range includes four different hydraulic systems, for draining sewage and waste water, with grinder to mince solids present in septic tanks, for unstrained sewage and a high-prevalence version. Small and compact in size, the bluePRO Series is the best for domestic and residential use. These pumps are designed for optimum use with blueBOX lifting stations.

E Series

The E Series models are designed for fixed installations. Intended mainly for domestic use, these submersible pumps are recommended for pressurising small plants, for garden sprinkler systems, for supplying fountains, for emptying swimming-pools or cisterns and for pumping out flooded basements or garages. The compact size and horizontal and vertical discharge allow any installation position, even in existing plants or small pits.

For collecting and pumping drainage water, rainwater, surface water and waste water, the steel, blue, bluePRO and E Series electric submersible pumps can be installed with Zenit Lifting Boxes to create a small yet powerful lifting station which is easy to install, cost-effective and eco-compatible.

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