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Zenit Group | 08 Jun 2022

Zenit renews the blueBOX range

zenit stazioni di sollevamento blueBOX news
The blueBOX polyethylene lifting stations, which were presented to the public for the first time at IFAT, have been upgraded to offer even more robustness and benefits. The blueBOX range has been completely redesigned, optimising and reinforcing the structure.

blueBOX is now certified according to 12050-1 and 12050-2 standards which set out the requirements for pumping systems to define the correct disposal of wastewater containing faecal matter and faecal-free wastewater.

Polyethylene blueBOX lifting stations are an effective solution for collecting and pumping wastewater or drainage water to the sewer system when the latter is too far away or when gravity feed is not available.

With capacities ranging from 60, 90, 150, 250 to the new 500 litres station blueBOX models can be used for the collection and lifting of wastewater from domestic, large residential and civil installations, in both outdoor and underground configurations.

blueBOX is maintenance-free thanks to the materials used, which are resistant to chemicals and mechanical stress.
Installation is quick and does not require significant plumbing and masonry work.

60 - 90 - 150 litre blueBOX
  • grey and black wastewater with solids of domestic origin
  • sewage drains from residential complexes
250 - 500 litres blueBOX
  • rainwater, surface water and seepage water containing solids
  • wastewater and sewage in civil installations
  • wastewater from the toilets of public establishments

Because of their many advantages, blueBOX lifting stations are now a must for anyone looking for a low cost, safe and environmentally friendly solution.

Discover the renewed blueBOX lifting stations
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