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Zenit Group | 10 May 2021

The range of J-Oxy aerators is renewed and expanded.

zenit air diffuser new jet oxy grey

Strong of its consolidated experience in the water treatment sector, Zenit presents a renewed range of "Venturi" type bottom aerators. This solution is one of the most used in purification plants because of its effective combined mixing and oxygenation action.
In addition to the Uniqa submersible pumps up to 30kW, the suggested solutions now include Grey submersible pumps with power up to 4.0kW coupled to a cast-iron J-Oxy ejector with stainless steel diffuser cone.
Commercial 1200 mm flanged pipes are used for the suction stack. They can be either supplied with the complete system or ordered locally as preferred by the installer.
The OXY 80 and 150 devices also feature an interchangeable Vulkollan-coated steel diaphragm that can be replaced without separating the pump from the ejector allowing the perfect calibration of the air-to-water ratio.
The system can be installed in two ways:

  • in a mobile configuration, in which the pump and the OXY body are firmly joined together and rest on the bottom of the tank by means of metal bases. In this way, the entire system can be extracted for maintenance even when the tank is full.
  • in a fixed configuration, in which the OXY body is attached to a coupling device fixed to the bottom of the tank and the pump is lowered along the guide pipes to the coupling device using a chain coupled to the handle. The pump can be lifted and removed for maintenance even when the tank is full, while the OXY system remains inside the tank. 

The new data booklet is available in the download area containing information about the predefined pump-ejector couplings for the UNIQA and Grey models, complete with performance graphs showing the suction air and oxygen transfer curves, to allow easy identification of the models and quick selection of the most suitable system for your needs.
Discover more about the J-Oxy aerator range

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