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Zenit Group | 10 Dec 2018

New aeration and mixing system catalogue

zenit group new aeration and mixing catalogue

The Zenit Group’s decades of experience in aeration and mixing is now expressed in an even wider, more complete product range, presented in the new catalogue available for download.
Depuration is a fundamental sector of the water treatment process, together with wastewater lifting, pumping and collection; it is also a strategic factor in the development of the circular economy, and thus for fighting waste and pollution, topics to which our Group is particularly committed.
Zenit Group’s aeration and mixing solutions include:

  • air diffusers, disc-shaped and tubular fine-bubble types with elastomer membranes and large-bubble tubular stainless steel types;
  • Venturi-type submerged aerators, especially suitable for homogenisation and first rainfall storage tanks;
  • Mixers, with UNIQA series high-efficiency motors with direct transmission or reduction gearbox and steel propellers with self-cleaning profile.

Air diffusers

Tubular and disc-shaped membrane air diffusers are generally used in water treatment and purification processes where slurries have to be aerated to activate biological organic matter oxidation and nitrification processes, in pre-aeration and aeration processes, in oxidation tanks and in plants for the aerobic digestion of civil and industrial slurries.

Also available in large-bubble stainless steel version specifically for sand and oil separation, they are designed to provide high oxygen transfer with low pressure drops, to minimise energy consumption.


Submerged aerators

JET OXY Venturi-type submerged aerators ensure an efficient combined mixing and aeration action. JET OXY units are used in civil and industrial wastewater and slurry purification and treatment plants, in homogenisation and first rainfall storage tanks, and wherever combined oxygenation and mixing are required.

JET OXY submerged oxygenation systems are created using UNIQA series submersible electric pumps with power levels up to 30 kW and channel-type hydraulics with large free passage and DN 80 or DN 100 discharge. The coupling with Uniqa series submersible electric pumps guarantees high energy efficiency.


Essential components of water treatment and purification plants, Zenit mixers share the stylish looks, reliability and exceptionally energy-saving motors of the UNIQA range.

ZMD (direct transmission) and ZMR (transmission with reduction gearbox) mixers are designed to a modular criterion in which high-efficiency motors evolved from the UNIQA units are coupled with propellers with different shapes, sizes and materials. The power range available is from 0.75 to 18.5 kW, with 4-6-8 poles and propellers from 200 mm to 900 mm in diameter.
Zenit ZM series mixers can be used in equalisation, denitrification and homogenisation processes in industrial and civil plants.

Zenit Group's full territorial coverage and an efficient organisation assure the customer support in all phases of the process, from design to shipping arrangements.

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