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Zenit Group | 29 Apr 2019

Grey, reliable high-performance electric pumps

zenit group grey series 2019

The Grey series is the latest family of submersible electric pumps by Zenit Group and represents the natural continuation of the developmental journey that the Group embarked upon with Uniqa electric pumps.
Like the latter, Grey pumps too focus on delivering innovation, reliability and reduced running costs. The series was designed predominantly for use in civil applications and in industrial lifting.
Right from the design stages, the aim with Grey electric pumps was to offer clients a versatile range with the ability to handle the most diverse applications in wastewater lifting.

The key technical innovations that characterise these models are completely redesigned hydraulics and more efficient motors, to guarantee high performance and low consumption.
An apt motto for the Grey series could be "the strength of simplicity" because in designing this range, our engineers focused on the needs of the professionals who will use it.
The result is electric pumps that are simple to install and to use, built to facilitate maintenance and compatibility with existing systems.

The Grey series offers a wide range of motors from 1.5 kW to 18.5 kW and four types of impeller, thus offering the right solution for every application:

  • DG Grey, vortex impeller and full free passage for biological liquids and sewage, in civil lifting, wastewater treatment plants and livestock farms;

  • DR Grey, channel impeller and large free passage for drainage and recirculation of process water, in civil lifting and lifting from first rainfall tanks

  • GR Grey, multi-channel open impeller and grinding system with rotary knife, for the lifting of liquids containing fibres and filaments in professional and civil applications

  • AP Grey, multi-channel open impeller with high manometric head, recommended in industrial applications, car-washes, fountains and water features.

Like all Zenit Group solutions, the Grey Series too offers reliable construction features, top quality materials, a stainless steel handle, two mechanical seals in silicon carbide enclosed in an inspectable oil chamber, thermal protection devices incorporated in the stator and an anti-jamming system for the impellers.

The Grey Series represents the future of Zenit in civil and light industrial lifting, DISCOVER all the series’ characteristics. 

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