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Zenit Group | 08 Feb 2021

Zenit ZMD mixers for purification in industrial processes

Unit: Zenit Europe | Country: Turkey (Adapazan)
Application: Industrial applications | Application detail: Wastewater treatment
Product family: Mixing Systems
   > Product: ZM Mixers | Model: ZMD


TIRSAN Solutions is a major manufacturer of semi-trailers for trucks. The Adapazari plant in Turkey has an annual production capacity of 20,000 units and comprises eight separate factories.
We were asked to provide mixing solutions for the process water treatment plant for the plant.


With our local distributor İdeal Motor, we identified the best solution in the ZMD Series, the new Zenit mixers derived from UNIQA technology.
Zenit ZMD Series direct drive mixers offer high reliability and IE3 efficiency class motors, derived from Zenit UNIQA submersible pumps, which contain operating costs with reduced consumption and limited maintenance.
ZMD mixers have AISI 316 cast stainless steel propellers, designed with a special blade profile to obtain high hydraulic efficiency and avoid clogging by to filaments and solids.
The motor, with integrated thermal protection in the stator, is equipped with two mechanical seals in the oil chamber in which there is also a probe able to signal, connected to a prearranged electrical panel, the presence of water or humidity.
This allows a timely replacement of the external mechanical seal before any water can enter the motor due to wear.


Zenit ZMD mixers are confirming their characteristics of efficiency and reliability guaranteed by rigorous design and the use of high-quality components.
The efficiency of IE3 Premium Class motors guarantees high efficiency and minimum energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and overall customer satisfaction.
Zenit case history ZMD mixers for purification 01
One of the tanks in the wastewater treatment plant
Zenit case history ZMD mixers for purification 02
ZMD Mixer installation
Zenit case history ZMD mixers for purification 03
ZMD 030D A 3/6
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