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Zenit Group | 07 Jan 2021

Zhejiang Huzhou Huanzhuang Road Pipeline Renovation Project

Unit: Zenit China | Country: China (Huzhou, Zhejiang)
Application: Civil applications | Application detail: Wastewater lifting
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: UNIQA Series | Model: ZUG OC
Product family: Lifting stations
   > Product: BoxGRP | Model: BoxGRP


In order to accelerate the pipeline renovation project in Huzhou, Zhejiang, the government has been making progress in drainage facilities’ improvement. A pumping station is to installed in the low-lying area near Huanzhuang Road, aiming at solving the waterlogging issue of the surrounding roads and on rainy days. The pumping station helps the wastewater be transmitted to the main municipal pipeline.


Pumping Station Type: BoxGRP   1 Set

Pump Type:

ZUG OC300C 37/6AW 670        2 pcs


The high-efficient series UNIQA pumps installed in the pumping station guarantee the excellent drainage performance and stability, which help lower down the operation cost and malfunction rate.
ZPS case history Huzhou Huanzhuangroad pumpingstation 1
Tank Hoisting
ZPS case history Huzhou Huanzhuangroad pumpingstation 2
Tank Installation
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