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Zenit Group | 05 May 2020

Uniqa pumps to reduce the lifting costs in Israel

Unit: Zenit Europe | Country: Israel (Hadera)
Application: Civil applications | Application detail: Wastewater lifting
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: UNIQA Series | Model: ZUG OC


Hadera is an Israeli city founded in 1891 by a few farming families. Nowadays it is an important commercial center with a population in excess of 77,000.
The Hadera municipality needed to update the local municipal wastewater treatment plant, replacing the old and no longer efficient submersible pumps, B-WATER units that had been in operation for 25 years and production of which had since been discontinued. The pumps' task was to lift the civil wastewater to the treatment plant.
The municipality of Hadera asked us to manage the substitution of their pumps with a contemporary and more efficient water solution.


In cooperation with our partners in Israel from MADAN Technologies, we have supplied three Zenit Uniqa pumps, selected for the duty point of 1000 m3/h at 10 meters head.
Depending on the service required, each Uniqa comprises of a motor-hydraulics combination chosen to provide optimal performance at the specific duty point.
The old B-WATER units had been equipped with 55 kW motors and had rather poor hydraulic efficiency with only 60%. In comparison, by supplying the new Uniqa Series pumps we have improved the hydraulic efficiency by 15 points to 75%.


Thanks to the strong local support and professional service provided by MADAN Technologies, we have helped the customer to save 11 kW/hour of energy costs.
Calculated over the entire year that means, for energy costs alone, a saving of more than € 6000/year (5500 hours of operation/year x € 0.10/kWh energy cost).
As a consequence, both the Hadera wastewater treatment plant operator, and the municipality are very satisfied.
With the Zenit solution they have been able to cut running costs, thanks to the premium energy efficiency and low maintenance costs, while the reliability and quality of Zenit Uniqa Series pumps has drastically reduced  the risk of system stoppages and undesirable downtime.
zenit case history Uniqa reduces the lifting costs in Israel 2
Hadera municipality wastewater treatment plant
zenit case history Uniqa reduces the lifting costs in Israel
The Zenit Uniqa pumps supplied
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