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Zenit Group | 12 May 2020

Better Together

zenit better together

A payoff must make a brand promptly recognisable in addition to reflecting the core values and vision of a company projecting the image of where they want to be in the future.
This is why we have decided to introduce a new payoff that will accompany the Zenit logo for the next few years, making our identity and objectives even more explicit.

Our new payoff is "Better together".

Because in Zenit we believe in the value of strong, long-lasting relationships, precisely the relationships that in these difficult times are the true bond, to be preserved and that we will find again at the end of this challenging experience. Besides, relationships between companies are actually the relationships between the people who represent them.
This is why we put you in the centre of our strategy and we are committed to offering you unrivalled customer experience.
And this is why we believe that cooperation fosters sustainable and successful partnerships and that working together really makes a difference. We believe that listening to our partners and customers puts us in the position to find the best solutions and create innovative and valuable products and services.
In other words, "Better together" embodies the way we do business, with the goal of achieving the highest possible gratification for our customers, suppliers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Discover why we're better together

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