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Zenit Group | 20 Feb 2019

Fincantieri opts for the Grey solution

Unit: Zenit Italia | Country: Italy (Ancona)
Application: Industrial applications | Application detail: Lifting of acid and aggressive water and brine
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: Grey Series | Model: DRG


Italian group Fincantieri is one of the largest shipbuilding industry operators in Europe and worldwide.
For its own shipyards in Ancona, Fincantieri needed to renew its fleet of submersible electric pumps for the filling and emptying of dry docks.
Crucial to the process were high capacity, to speed up unloading/loading operations, and high resistance to heavy use and to corrosive agents, given the large volumes of salt water to be delivered.
But above all, reliability was key.


A dry dock is a structure present in a port or dockyard for the repair or maintenance of ships. Electric pumps are required to empty salt water and debris prior to repair, and in subsequent flooding operations.
The pumps to be replaced, Zenit SBP, although still in use were now obsolete. Following excellent results from our previous collaboration, Fincantieri decided to make use of our solutions again.
Our local engineers opted for the Grey series, worthy heir of the P series, the Zenit Group's latest addition and the direct result of experience gained with the UNIQA series.


The Grey line is a top-of-the-range Zenit solution for the civil and industrial sector, with motors from 1.5 to 18.5 kW. The Grey DR chosen, with channel impeller and wide free passage, best fulfils Fincantieri's needs, because it offers high capacity, essential for filling and emptying dry docks and effective against the erosive activity of solid bodies.
The naval giant has once again chosen the professionalism of Zenit and its partners. Fincantieri also makes use of other Zenit electric pumps, over time placing increasing trust in the solutions offered by the Group and its partners present throughout Italy, for example in the case of Elettromeccanica Casabianca, for the installation and maintenance of the Grey electric pumps.
Satisfying such complex and challenging requirements is never simple, but once again we are sure that the Zenit-Fincantieri collaboration is set to continue and to grow.

case history zenit group Fincantieri opts for the Grey solution 01
Installation phases
case history zenit group Fincantieri opts for the Grey solution 02
Grey Series submersible pumps
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