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Zenit Group | 04 May 2021


Impeller shim adjustment ZUG OC DRY
  1. The impeller washer adjustment system consists of adjustment screw, adjustment screw lock nut and intake flange lock unit.
  2. These components allow the axial displacement of the suction flange to obtain the correct shim adjustment of the impeller and to lock the system in position to ensure constant performance over time.
  3. Lift the pump by the top handle using a hoist of suitable capacity (the weight of the pump is indicated on the rating plate)
  4. Undo the lock nuts of the adjustment screws
  5. Holding the adjustment screw, undo the suction flange lock screw
  6. Then tighten the adjustment screw for about 1/4 turn
  7. Finally, tighten the lock screw of the suction flange completely
  8. Repeat the operations in sequence on each anchoring
  9. Check that the impeller is free by turning it manually
  10. Check with a thickness gauge that the shim between blade and flange is max. 0.5 mm
  11. Perform the test on both the upper and lower part of the blade
  12. If the shim is not correct, repeat the operations by tightening the adjusting screws by about 1/4 turn at a time until the optimum value is reached
  13. Pour a few drops of Loctite 243 (or equivalent) on the adjustment screw
  14. Tighten the lock nut of the adjustment screw
  15. Holding the adjustment screw still, remove the anchoring screw of the intake flange
  16. Apply a few drops of Loctite 243 threadlocker (or equivalent) to the intake flange lock screw
  17. Holding the adjustment screws still, tighten the intake flange lock screws
  18. Use a feeler gauge to check that the shim adjustment are respected
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