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Zenit Group | 29 Mar 2022

ZMD - Mixer Disassembly

  1. Place the mixer on the bench
  2. Remove the propeller
  3. Extract the split pins and remove the sliding cylinders
  4. Remove the handle
  5. Remove the runner
  6. Remove the plastic guard from the runner
  7. Remove the bracket
  8. Lie the motor on the bench and unscrew the cap of the oil chamber
  9. Drain the oil from the chamber into a suitable container and dispose of it
  10. Stand the motor on the bench
  11. Remove the cable gland
  12. Remove the motor cover
  13. Remove the ground connection screw
  14. Cut the cables of the stator, the thermal protections and the sensor
  15. Remove the cable stop and extract the cable from the motor cover
  16. Remove the O-ring
  17. Remove the rubber gasket and cable gland
  18. Extract the top bearing support with the aid of two suitable screws
  19. Overturn the motor
  20. Undo the screws of the pump plate and remove it
  21. Extract the counterface and O-ring from the pump plate
  22. Remove the second mechanical seal
  23. Remove the snap ring
  24. Remove the first mechanical seal
  25. Remove the snap ring and extract the bushing
  26. Remove the snap ring and O-ring
  27. Unscrew the cable gland and extract the sensor and rubber gasket
  28. Extract the drive shaft with the aid of a press
  29. Remove the bearing and the washer
  30. Fit the extractor plate (use the appropriate model for the motor)
  31. Fit the press with a driver suitable to support the case and allow extraction of the stator
  32. Place paper or rags underneath to cushion its fall
  33. Place the cables inside the stator and place the case on the driver
  34. Remove the stator
  35. Using an extractor, remove the top bearing
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