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Groupe Zenit | 07 mars 2017

New Uniqa® Chopper pumps

zenit new uniqa chopper pumps
Zenit has extended its UNIQA range by developing models with high-efficiency motors and a hydraulic “Chopper” specifically for heavily soiled waters, capable of cutting up and expelling any destructible solid body in the waste-water thanks to an efficient chopping system.
The heart of the system comprises a strong knife with sharp edge flush against the blade of the grinder impeller, capable of finely chopping solid bodies of any shape and material, preventing not only jamming of the impeller but also the build-up of residues inside the hydraulics and pipeline, guaranteeing trouble-free operation of the system and perfect functioning of the lifting station.

Large amounts of even large pieces of solid and fibrous waste may often accumulate in waste-water collection tanks, and they may jam the impeller and block pipelines, making the lifting station more or less unusable. 
The use of strainers is not an effective answer, since with heavily soiled water these components require constant monitoring and the expensive removal of the trapped solid waste.

The effective combined action of the impeller and knife is made possible by 3 key factors included in the product’s development: 
  • special component design, achieved using three-dimensional fluid dynamical modelling software 
  • the use of innovative materials that guarantee excellent resistance to mechanical stresses and wear, such as Molib-tech™.
  • high efficiency hydraulic to supply the best performances in heavy duty conditions.

Chopper models are recommended for heavy-duty applications in civil and industrial waste-water treatment plants, pumping stations handling water with heavy soil and solid bodies, effluent pumping on farms, in meat processing facilities, and in the fish-farming and paper industries.

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