We strive to be a valuable partner you can trust in your search for water treatment solutions and services.
Zenit BOD
Zenit BOD, from left: Lorenzo Bottan, Davide Bottan and Massimiliano Volta.

With our extensive experience and cutting edge technology, we believe we have the right, most competitive solution for any needs. Indeed, our motto ‘water solutions' describes exactly what we do.

Our technological know-how in water treatment processes has constantly improved with time because we are adaptable and capable of further growth and transformation. Innovation is the backbone of our business. This is why we can proudly say that historical authenticity and dynamism are our most distinctive features: they reflect our origins and set our future goals.

At Zenit, we promote and support a creative and gratifying work environment that generates ideas and solutions capable of meeting any request coming from the market as well as our partners. Through sustainable production processes and company strategies, we offer reliable products to simplify and improve the work of the final user.

Our company is founded on the simple principle of maximizing human resources for innovation, design and technology.

Our Products

Electric submersible pumps

Wide range submersible electric pumps, comprising models with channel and Vortex impellers, or with grinding system, for pumping of clear or soiled wastewaters or aggressive and abrasive liquids. Zenit submersible electric pumps are used in domestic, civil and industrial applications.

Lifting stations

Prefabricated lifting stations, an effective solution for collecting and pumping wastewater to the sewer system, when a gravity feed is not available. They are mainly used in rural or hilly areas with low population density, without an extensive municipal sewer system.

Aeration Systems

A line of aeration products for the highly specialised civil and industrial wastewater treatment sector. The Zenit Group range comprises 9" and 12" disc-shaped air diffusers, 2" tubular air diffusers and Venturi-type submerged aerators.

Mixing Systems

Mixers and flow-makers are mainly used in equalisation, homogenisation and denitrification processes, for phosphate extraction and where liquids have to be mixed or stirred to reduce sedimentation.


A large assortment of hydraulic accessories is available for each submersible electric pump: base plates, couplers and check, gate and flushing valves. A full range of control panels and accessories for monitoring and control of the pumps installed.

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