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Electrical accessories

To allow convenient, efficient control of your system, the Zenit Group offers you a large choice of electric accessories to improve the quality of the time you spend on system inspections and repairs. Electric and electronic control panels, alarms and remote control units are all available in the specific section.

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Zenit electric accessories float switches

Float switches

Zenit float switches are specifically for use with submersible pumps and can easily be fitted with counterweights for precise calibration of switching levels.

LEVEL float switches are recommended for installation in large tanks in view of their long strokes, and are suitable for use with soiled liquids. They are multicontact type, and can therefore be connected in "normally closed" or "normally open" configuration, for both filling and emptying functions.

MAC3 float switches are recommended for installation with clear or slightly soiled wastewaters and can be used for emptying only, since they are designed for operation solely in ON/OFF mode.

Zenit electric accessories electromechanical control panels

Control panels

Zenit electronic, electromechanical and alarm control panels are suitable for the control of any single-phase or three-phase submersible pump, with direct or star/delta starting.

Rational wiring

All internal wiring layouts are designed to be clear and rational. The connection cables are identified with numbered labels for easy reference to the wiring diagram and to facilitate any work by technical personnel. In addition, meticulous assembly translates into a better-quality product with less risk of faults and malfunctions.


Control panels are made using the best components available, to guarantee excellent reliability and easy procurement of replacement parts. They undergo strict functional and quality checks before delivery.


Zenit electromechanical and electronic control panels are optimized for use with submersible pumps and the wide range of accessories make them versatile and reliable. Having just one contact for the supplying of control systems and machines translates into definite advantages in economic terms and with regard to intervention times.

Standard compliance

Every control panel is created in compliance with the current standards on electrical constructions. All control panels come with complete documentation, electric diagrams and CE declaration of conformity.

Zenit electric accessories remote control systems

Remote Control Systems

Nowadays, Zenit microprocessor remote control systems are an essential tool for the management of water treatment plants. There are many benefits to be had from the use of remote control systems, due mainly to the capability for receiving and sending data to and from remote positions in real time.
This allows the simultaneous management of several plants, with rapid intervention in response to malfunctions only, reducing the costs arising from scheduled servicing and inspections.

What's more, the uniform distribution of the workload across the various machines installed optimises wear of rotary components, reducing expenditures on parts and labour.
The saving of the key data for the pumps installed in a log file allows constant monitoring of their operating parameters and scheduling of servicing work to prevent inconvenient plant stoppages.