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泽尼特集团 | 21 10月 2020

GREY - Cutting test Zenit Grey GRG

Zenit Grey GRG submersible pumps cutting test.

The next-generation GRG models made by Zenit are shredding pumps with motors from 1.1 to 7.5 kW.

The heart of the models GRG is an effective, entirely redesigned cutting device which consists of a plate with sharp-edged holes and as a shaving, rotating triangular knife, attached to the impeller, both of which are made of X 102 CrMo 17 KU martensitic steel.

In this way, the solid material present in the wastewater is finely shredded and can be conveyed without risk of clogging up the motor.

Download the Grey GRG Focus.

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