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pumpBOX - Installation procedure

pumpBOX, lifting stations for civil waste water, with pump included, necessary to reach the sewerage system when it's too far away or at a higher level.

  1. Close the emergency drain gate valve
  2. Measure the height of the WC drain pipe
  3. Mark the height of the drain pipe on the tank
  4. Drill a hole in the tank
  5. Clean shavings and residues from the tank
  6. Put the pumpBOX in position temporarily
  7. Mark the position of the fixing screws
  8. Separate the pumpBOX from the drain pipe
  9. Drill holes in the floor in the marked points
  10. Fit and lubricate the gasket
  11. Connect the pumpBOX to the drain pipe
  12. "ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION drain outlet from top
    • Drill a hole in the tank
    • Fit and lubricate the gasket
    • Connect the drain pipe"
    • Fix the pumpBOX to the floor
  13. Connect the discharge pipe to the system
  14. A suitable sealant must be used
    • Fit the vent pipe
  15. "ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION activated carbon filter
  16. Fit the activated carbon filter provided"
  17. Fix the electrical panel to the wall
  18. Connect the pump, alarm and level gauge electrical wiring to the panel
  19. "ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION multiple contact float switch
    • Fix the float switch start/stop system to the tank"
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