Zenit Group | 28 Mar 2018

UNIQA - ZUG OC DRY Dismantling

  1. Lay the pump horizontal on the workbench
  2. Loosen the impeller fixing screw but do not remove it
  3. Using a hoist, lift the pump by the handle and place it vertical on the workbench
  4. Undo the pump body screws
  5. With a hoist, lift the motor part by the handle
  6. Provide a system to support the motor part securely
  7. Hang the motor section with the impeller over the support
  8. Use a lever to free the impeller from its tapered seat
  9. Undo the impeller fixing screw
  10. With a hoist, lift the motor part and lay it horizontal on the workbench
  11. CAUTION Ensure the oil chamber caps are facing upwards
  12. Unscrew the oil chamber cap, holding the coolant chamber cap still
  13. CAUTION take care when unscrewing as there may be pressure inside the chamber
  14. Drain the oil from the chamber into a suitable container
  15. Screw a male eye-bolt onto the shaft and lift the motor with a hoist
  16. Remove the handle
  17. Place the motor vertical on a firm support in a position which does not crush the cables
  18. Remove the V-ring
  19. Undo the screws of the pump plate and remove it
  20. Extract the first mechanical seal (impeller side), lifting it with an extractor or 2 levers
  21. Remove the spacer washers
  22. Remove the snap ring that secures the seal
  23. Extract the second mechanical seal (motor side), lifting it with an extractor or 2 levers
  24. Fit 2 screws into the holes and remove the flange.
  25. Remove the mechanical seal counterface from the flange
  26. Extract the O-ring from the flange
  27. Undo the counterface locking ring screws
  28. Remove the counterface and its O-ring
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