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Zenit Group | 28 Mar 2018


  1. Fit the rotation stop pin into the hole and fix it with Loctite 641 threadlocker
  2. With a felt-tip pen, mark the position of the rotation stop pin on the top edge of the oil chamber
  3. Mark the position of the rotation stop pin on the flange and fit the O-ring
  4. Grease the flange O-ring and fit it using two screws to help when positioning
  5. Make sure that the flange is correctly positioned by using a suitable driver
  6. Wet the counterface with alcohol and fit it, using a suitable driver
  7. Blow with compressed air to remove all traces of dirt
  8. Spray the counterface with spray lubricant
  9. Wet the seal in alcohol and fit it into place using a suitable driver
  10. Fix the seal with the snap ring
  11. Fit the spacer washers
  12. Lubricate the second seal with alcohol and fit it in place using a suitable driver
  13. Lubricate the seal counterface with alcohol and fit it into place in the pump plate with a suitable driver
  14. Clean the surface of the counterface with a paper towel
  15. Secure the locking ring with the screws. Use Loctite 243 threadlocker
  16. Fit the O-rings into the seats
  17. Blow with compressed air to remove all traces of dirt
  18. Spray the surface of the seal with spray lubricant
  19. Fit the O-rings into the oil chamber screw seats
  20. Fit the pump plate onto the oil chamber and fix it with the screws
  21. Tighten at least two opposite screws by hand to fit it gradually into position.
  22. Fit the pump plate O-ring in its seat
  23. Pour in a little alcohol to check for leaks
  24. Fit the compressed air fitting into one of the cap holes
  25. Test for tightness at a pressure of 0.5 - 1 bar
  26. Undo the compressed air fitting
  27. Grease the V-ring and fit it onto the shaft
  28. Screw a male eye-bolt onto the shaft
  29. With a hoist, lift the motor and refit the handle
  30. Lay the motor horizontal on the workbench
  31. Unscrew the male eye-ring from the shaft
  32. Fill the chamber with oil.
  33. Refer to the documentation provided for the correct amount.
  34. Wrap Teflon tape around the oil chamber caps and screw them into place
  35. With a hoist, lift off the motor by the handle
  36. Screw the adjuster bushing fully onto the impeller
  37. Caution: left-hand thread
  38. Fully fit the bronze bushing
  39. Place the impeller on the support
  40. Using the hoist, lower the motor part until the shaft fits into the tapered seat of the impeller
  41. Fit the impeller fixing screw but do not tighten it
  42. Lift the motor with a hoist and spray the O-ring with spray lubricant
  43. Fit the motor on the pump body and secure it with the fixing screws
  44. Using a hoist, lift the pump by the handle and place it horizontal on the workbench
  45. Remove the impeller fixing screw
  46. Use a hex socket wrench to adjust the clearance using the adjuster bushing.
  47. The blades must be flush with the intake flange
  48. Tighten the impeller fixing screw. Use Loctite 270 threadlocker
  49. Use a feeler gauge to check that the clearance is correct (0.3 - 0.6 mm). CAUTION: use the feeler gauge in the innermost part of the blade
  50. Using a hoist, lift the pump by the handle
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