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Zenit Group | 22 Apr 2021

GREY - DRG Disassembly

GREY - DRG Disassembly
  1. Position the pump vertically on the bench and undo the fixing screws of the pump body.
  2. Using a hoist, separate the motor from the pump body.
  3. Lay the motor on the bench.
  4. Undo the fixing screws of the suction flange and separate it from the pump body.
  5. Undo the impeller locking screw without removing it completely.
  6. Using two levers, separate the impeller from the shaft.
  7. Place the motor on the bench and undo the oil chamber cap.
  8. Pour the oil contained in the chamber into a suitable container and dispose of it.
  9. Place the motor vertically on the bench.
  10. Remove the motor cover fixing screws.
  11. Remove the fixing screws of the cable gland.
  12. Using a hoist, separate the motor cover from the housing. Use two levers, if necessary.
  13. Cut the stator cables.
  14. Remove the earthing screw.
  15. Remove the motor cover.
  16. Cut the power cable near the cable clamp and pull the cable out.
  17. Undo the screws fixing the cable gland and remove it.
  18. Remove the cable gland rubber from the seat.
  19. Use two suitable screws to extract the upper bearing support.
  20. Flip the motor housing.
  21. Undo the fixing screws of the pump plate and remove it.
  22. Remove the paper gasket.
  23. Remove the mechanical seal from the shaft.
  24. Remove the paper gasket from the pump plate.
  25. Remove the circlip.
  26. Remove the locking ring and counterface of the mechanical seal.
  27. Remove the circlip from the shaft.
  28. Using two levers, remove the mechanical seal from the shaft.
  29. Remove the circlip.
  30. Using two levers extract the aluminium flange.
  31. Remove the circlip.
  32. Using a press, pull out the drive shaft.
  33. Using a tool, remove the bearing and washer from the motor housing.
  34. Using an extractor, remove the upper bearing from the shaft.
  35. Insert the extractor plate into the stator (use the appropriate model depending on the motor).
  36. Provide a suitable block to support the housing and allow the extraction of the stator.
  37. Insert paper or rags on the bottom to cushion the fall.
  38. Place the housing on the block.
  39. Using a press, pull out the stator with the help of the block.
  40. Remove the motor housing.
  41. Remove the stator from inside the block.
  42. Undo the locking nut of the probe and pull it out of the housing.
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