vertiBOX lifting stations

vertiBOX lifting stations can be used in a wide range of situations thanks to their modular structure, which allows the installation to be optimised for the specific usage. They are equipped to house a DR steel 37 stainless-steel pump with channel impeller.
They are ideally suited for collecting and lifting clear wastewater and grey water in residential environments, rainwater from car parks or courtyards, and in small civil plant situations for transferring drainage water and seepage water.

The perfect compatibility of the components means it is possible to create made-to-measure solutions which meet requirements for col-lecting and lifting water in the best possible manner; this makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, from domestic and residential through to civil plant and industrial.
All BASE modules can be cut to a height of 850 mm if required, reducing their capacity to 300 litres while maintaining complete compatibility with all the other components in the range.


Zenit vertiBOX Series lifting stations

vertiBOX 85÷120


  • Capacity 300 ÷ 420

  • Civil/Residential installations
  • Drainage Solutions

Product range characteristics

  • Capacity [l]
    300 (h850 mm) - 420 (h1200 mm)
  • Tank material
  • Installation
    Surface, underground
  • Pumps
    1 x DR steel 37
  • Cable
    10 m with Schuko plug
  • Discharge
    G ¼"
  • Weight [kg]


Zenit vertiBOX Series lifting stations cover

Rugged walk-over cover or drive-over cover hermetically sealed with a gasket, with safety closure and inspection window. A telescopic system allows its height to be ad-justed to suit any type of installation.

Zenit vertiBOX Series lifting stations inlets outlets
Provision for intake pipes from DN 50 to DN 200 NBR gaskets to seal off liquids and odours. Holes can be cut on site using a normal holesaw of appropriate diameter.
Discharge pipe in PVC with G1 ¼ threaded union.
Zenit vertiBOX Series lifting stations modularity
vertiBOX can incorporate:
- BASE module
- 400 mm riser
- 1210 mm riser
- WALK-OVER or DRIVE-OVER cover (B class)
Zenit vertiBOX Series lifting stations structure

Tough PE construction with reinforcement ribs guaranteeing durability and effective anchoring to the ground.

Zenit vertiBOX Series lifting stations with steel
DR steel pump with steel channel impeller and mechanical seal in oil chamber. Free passage max 10 mm.

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Modular structure, from 300 to 800 litres
Walk-over or drive-over cover (B class)
Provision for intake pipes from DN 50 to DN 200
PVC hydraulic accessories: Ball check valve, Gate valve, Connecting pipe.
(Accessories may vary depending on configuration)
Zenit vertiBOX Series lifting stations dimensions
Zenit SRP knife gate valve


Zenit VAP 32 50 ball check valve

VAP 32÷50

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Product overview

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EU Declaration of Conformity RoHS

EU Declaration of Conformity RoHS

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