BlueBOX 400evo lifting stations

The blueBOX 400evo is a high quality polyethylene tank, versatile and easy to install. It is suitable for collecting clear, rain and wastewater from storm drains, washing machines, sinks and WCs in systems installed at a lower level than the sewer.
Its large capacity of 400 litres makes it ideal for use in residential and industrial installations. A large number of technical features allow streamlined installation procedures and excellent service with low maintenance.

blueBOX 400evo can be equipped with up to 2 pumps for systems requiring high flow rates or alternating duty cycles to avoid over-frequent start-ups. Pumps can be installed either inside or outside the tank to suit systems of all kinds.


Zenit blueBOX 400s Series lifting stations

blueBOX 400evo


  • Capacity from 400 litres
  • Pump installed internally/externally

  • Civil systems
  • Industrial systems
  • Residential installations

Product range characteristics

  • Capacity [l]
  • Number of pumps
  • Max liquid temperature
    40°C [fino a 90°C for short periods]
  • Intakes [Ø max]
  • Discharge
    3x2" + 4xØ40/75
  • Accessories
    Cable glands
    Through-wall fitting for emergency drainage
  • Discharge pipe
    2xØ2" [acciaio]
  • Gaskets
    2xDN75 + 2xDN100
  • Weight [kg]


Zenit blueBOX lifting station external pump

Pumps can be installed either inside or outside the tank to suit systems of all kinds.

Zenit blueBOX lifting station cover

Rugged walk-over cover with screw fastening, safety lock and twin O-rings.

Zenit blueBOX lifting station cable gland

Modular cable gland system allowing the pump to be removed with no need to disconnect or extract the power supply cable.

Zenit blueBOX lifting station inlets

Wastewater intake and discharge pipeline ports also provided on sides.

Zenit blueBOX lifting station Handles and Mounting

Integral handles for lifting and transport, for easy transfer by hand.
Slots for floor mounting.

Zenit blueBOX lifting station gaskets

Airtight seal between pipelines and blueBOX assured by NBR rubber gaskets. No additional sealants are required.

Zenit blueBOX lifting station emptying

Emergency drainage fitting located low down in the unit. Threaded union for fitting during installation included.

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Double cover with screw fastening, with safety lock and O-ring for maximum tightness.
Slots at sides for floor-mounting
Intake and discharge pipeline ports provided on all sides
Float switches can be installed for start/stop level control
Simplified intake, discharge and breather pipe installation with watertight gasket
Compatible with bluePRO and UNIQA range
Zenit MAC 3 float switch


Zenit LEVEL float switch


zenit standard electromechanical control panels

Standard electromechanical

zenit full service electromechanical control panels

Full service electromechanical

Zenit self powered alarm panel


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