BoxPRO lifting stations

The BoxPRO prefabricated pumping station is made of polyethylene, which is designed for use in large capacity civil and residential applications.
They are generally used in areas where gravity feed drainage is not available. Installation below ground level allows easier connection to the sewer system.

These stations are specially shaped to resist the pressure to which they are subject once installed. Their smooth inner walls promote complete drainage and prevent the formation of encrustations which can be a cause of bad odours, as well as ensuring optimal performance.

BoxPRO pumping stations can house several submersible pumps with vortex, channel or grinding impellers.
Pumps are installed using a bottom coupler for quick, easy recovery, even without draining the tank.


Zenit BOXPRO lifting station cover Type M



Ideal solution for systems serving small groups of households. The tank neck riser up to one metre long allows installation even at considerable depth.

Product range characteristics

  • Tank Diameter [mm]
  • Tank Height [mm]
  • Number of Pumps Installed
  • Operating Temperature
    40°C [fino a 90°C for short periods]
  • Recommended Pump
    Grinder, vortex, open channel (Blue, Grey series)


Zenit BOXPRO lifting station cover
Rugged polypropylene walk-over cover as standard.
The large opening Ø 800 mm ensures optimal access for maintenance and a full view during routine inspections.
Zenit BOXPRO lifting station structure

In thick polyethylene with better resistance to low temperatures. Totally recyclable.

Zenit BOXPRO lifting station ground connection

All metal parts inside the lifting stations are connected to an electrical grounding circuit.

Zenit BOXPRO lifting station wiring

Available in version with single cable glands or one or more output cable ducts Ø 63 mm.

Zenit BOXPRO lifting station adjustable pipeline

An intake pipeline adjustment system allows wastewater to be convened effectively to the bottom of the lifting station to overcome any differences in level and reduce turbulence, preventing leaks, fouling and bad odour emissions.

Zenit BOXPRO lifting station inlets

Designed for connection of 3 wastewater intake pipelines Ø 160 mm with quick fitting by means of NBR rubber gaskets without the use of sealants.

Zenit BOXPRO lifting station check valves

Two ball check valves (only on stations with two discharges).

Zenit BOXPRO lifting station Installation

Electric pump installed on foot fixed to the bottom by means of screws, with airtight gasket and steel stiffener bars.

Start/stop system and anti-overflow alarm by means of float switches.

Zenit BOXPRO lifting station discharge

Discharge pipe DN50 in ABS and DN80-100-150 in ductile steel with cement mortar lining in accordance with the EN 545:2002 standard for better mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel DN 50 discharge pipe available as optional.

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Coupling devices
Customized flange according to requirement
Rubber flexible flange joint for inlet and outlet
Pressure-bearing cover
Automatic control pump of floating ball switch and hydrostatic level meter
High liquid level alarm


Zenit MAC 3 float switch


Zenit LEVEL float switch


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