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Zenit Group | 23 May 2022

pumpBOX, the new lifting stations for civil wastewater

pumpbox news

pumpBOX was presented last week at IFAT as a world preview: it is a Zenit pre-assembled lifting station certified in accordance with EN 12050-1 and 12050-2 standards for collecting and pumping wastewater from toilets, washrooms or kitchens into the sewer system when a gravity feed is not available or distances are too great.
Reaching the sewer system that's too far away or at a higher level? With pumpBOX this is possible.
pumpBOX combines a robust polyethylene tank with a single or dual Zenit pump, resulting in a complete system for collecting and lifting municipality sewage and grey water.

Why choosing the pumpBOX solution?

  • Compact, quiet and reliable, pumpBOX is ready to use and does not require excavation or masonry work.

  • pumpBOX is supplied pre-wired and pre-assembled. This significantly reduces installation times.

  • pumpBOX comprises tank, pump and fittings complete with check valves in a single, compact and rational system.

  • pumpBOX is a complete solution of station plus pump, which saves additional costs and several commercial components.

The different configurations with one or two pumps, vortex or grinder type, give the pumpBOX a high degree of versatility and allow it to be used in a wide range of situations, from individual houses to residential complexes, from public establishments to shopping centres.

pumpBOX is available in two configurations:
, combined with one or two bluePRO-GR pumps with grinding knife, is ideal for soiled waste water containing fibres and filaments from civil dwellings and residential buildings.
pumpBOX-DG, in combination with one or two Grey-DG pumps with vortex impeller, is ideal for wastewater containing solids from public establishments and accommodation facilities.

Discover the new Zenit pumpBOX lifting stations

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