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Zenit Group | 04 May 2020

Our best to protect health and work, waiting to return to normal

covid zenit group

Over the past months, we've experienced things that we could only imagine happened in films. We quickly realised that it was regretfully all very real and soon we found ourselves needing to solve problems that we had never faced before.

In a few hours, we had to organise our lives to protect our families, our health and our business.

From the very beginning, we put the well-being of our employees first, while ensuring continuous customer support at the same time. We are constantly monitoring the situation, in compliance with the instructions of the Italian Government and health authorities. All our employees have been provided with the necessary equipment to deal with the emergency and we have established a continuous dialogue with our suppliers to minimise any possible risk of contagion.

After the lockdown imposed by the Italian Government, we prepared to resume work.

We created a Standing Committee to manage the emergency and ensure the implementation and verification of anti-Covid-19 measures. We are implementing extra hygiene measures and strict safety protocols, in addition to staggering shifts and adopting new spacing rules in our offices and production areas. The application of smart working has made it possible to further reduce travel and contacts. Posters in common areas provide instructions and remind everyone to regularly monitor their health and stay at home if they have a temperature, a cough or difficulty in breathing. The necessary personal protective equipment is distributed daily and the working environment is frequently sanitised.

A specific insurance coverage has been activated for all employees in the event of confirmed diagnosis. We have revised the budgets for Group events and activities, providing incentives for those who cannot work remotely to ensure business continuity.
We are doing our best to protect our health and our business, waiting to return to normal, with particular attention to interpersonal relationships, because we know that "together is better".

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